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Is there any way of raising GPA after graduation?(sorry)

Before the start, I want to apologize to you because I know this kind of topic is annoying to some of you.

But I searched and scanned here like 2-3hours. there's no answer that satisfies me.

so getting to the point, I'm not a U.S. citizen, but a foreigner who's willing to be and currently serves as a military nursing officer. I'm really interested in CRNA and some other further degrees, but my past BA GPA is so bad, which is barely below 3.0/4.5... and I know most of special courses require a GPA above 3.0 or higher.

Can you give me an advice? please help me. I would be really grateful. God bless you

The only way to raise your GPA is to take more classes and get A's. Take graduate level pathophysiology, pharmacology, and statistics to show programs you're capable of handling grad work. There are others ways of improving your application such as obtaining certifications, excellent critical care experience, etc.

Does that mean I have to register for another school or college? I mean it's a bit frightening to do so.. lots of courses and financial matter and all.. Is there more of a less-time consuming and cheaper way to get it? Like the one that you can attend just 4 hours per week for one course...or online course if any? I really want to add some As, but don't want to get another whole bachelor degree

BuckyBadgerRN, ASN, RN

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It's going to take some serious study/effort to get your GPA to the competitive level it will need to be at in order to be accepted to and do well in a CRNA program. There is no way around devoting lots of time to your goal, sorry. If I may be so blunt, this thought pattern may be what contributed to the GPA you currently possess? Nothing worth the effort is easy, I'm afraid!

WookieeRN, BSN, RN

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It also depends on how many courses you already have with how quick you can bring your GPA. If it is a lot of bad grades it may take a while...

I agree to other people's posts here. If you are serious to get into the program, you want to do whatever it takes. Most of schools really do go by the requirement to select whom to interview/admit, although there might be some exception. So, my suggestion to you is that you review your past academic work especially science courses and re-take the low-graded courses. You will benefit from this as a refresher. I don't know which branch of service you are in. Even for the Army's CRNA program, they have a very similar requirement to civ programs. On the other hand, however, if you are interested in ACNP program, if your GPA is not good, getting a good GRE score could be the only thing you need to do to apply, depending on the school. Good luck, and thanks for your service.


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