Is there tutoring in nursing school

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


I have A.D.D and find it difficult to read, and I may leave some things behind. Is there tutoring in nursing school. Btw, I am completely unorganized!!! I get so frustrated, I feel like I will fail nursing school.

I hear there is alot of writing in nursing school, like APA format etc.

Do I have to present that to the class, and do they give alot of writing, research papers

Many colleges have tutors available and I believe they are free to students.

Depends upon the individual school and nursing program. My friend was diagnosed with a learning disability and received help from the disability office at our school. Additionally, our nursing school had a faculty member who assisted students in a one on one manner. This is probably something you would want to research and consider when deciding which nursing program is better for you.

I agree with the above posters. Utilize the office of disabilties and depending on your school they may have a academic and skills tutor. I utilized all 3 and actually found the tutors to be more helpful, encouraging, and more willing to take the time to teach than the actual instructors Good luck!!!

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