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Is travel nursing lonely?


Hey guys,

I'm flagged by a few agencies to start traveling at the start of January. As the time gets closer I'm becoming more nervous. Mostly about moving to a new town/city. I don't know if most people do assignments on their own but I have no significant other and I'm not doing this with a friend. My concern is that I will be lonely in a new town. I will be taking the housing that the agency provides. My question is, are there opportunities to meet other people or other travelers? Of course there are the floor nurses but in my and others experience tells me that at least right away I'm not going to befriend (to the extent of hanging out outside of work) other nurses on a unit that I'm going to be working on. Any thoughts or experiences from other solo travelers that might be able to help me with this one?


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Don't worry about it. Just go and enjoy yourself.

You're probably going to a hospital that has other travelers. Start with them.

Talk about travel, compare contracts, go out and enjoy the area you're going to. Most travelers I come across are eager to get together and do stuff. They're in the same boat you are...

There will be at least a few staffers that will show you around too. If you're outgoing then you'll do fine. Ask about restaurants, shows, parks, local attractions. Unless you're in the wasteland most people will point you in the right direction.

Lonely? No. Expensive? yes.

Most 1st-time travelers overlook the start-up costs associated with traveling.

Cookware, flatware, shower curtain, microwave, vacuum, linen, pillows, towels, plane ticket, rental car, laundry... and so on. It ALL adds up quickly.

Have about $1000.00+ saved that you can draw on before you go or it might be uncomfortable before you finally get that first paycheck and reimbursements.

Good Luck.

Ya, It can get lonely, and expensive that first month or so.... A good church helps, usually they are pretty welcoming.

Thanks guys. That makes me feel a bit better. I will be in NYC so I know that's conducive to meeting people. however, I don't think I can just go up to someone and say "hey can you be my friend?" haha. But if there are other travelers there shouldn't be a problem. Thanks!

Any other tips?

try meetup .com When I moved to a new area. I joined a social group on meetup and went to events..