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Hi everyone,

Ill be graduating in May......thank the Lord! I am now doing the prep for the NCLEX and finding a job. I just called to sign up for Kaplan and its $400!!!!!:eek: Thats alot of money for us poor nursing students!

I own about 5 nclex books and study from them daily. Has anyone taken the Kaplan course? What did you think of it? Do you think you could have passed without it? Is it really worth taking?

I average high B's in class, Ill get a C here and there for those confusing diseases but all in all, Im a pretty good student. Any input from anyone before I waste $400 well earned dollars?

Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!



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I graduated last may and I took Kaplan. Although it is expensive, I thought it was worth it. It really gives you a good idea of what the questions on NCLEX will be like. But the key is getting a good instructor, so ask around. I also had a few study books, but overall, I do think Kaplan helped. An insider tip: call Kaplan and ask to get in touch with a rep for your area. Set up a day and time for them to come to your school and talk to your class about the Kaplan program. If they come to your school, they'll give you guys a $100 discount, but for the person who organized it (you), the'll give you the course for free (that's what I did!). Good luck!


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Didn't have the money for Kaplan or any of those course. Bought a NCLEX review book and a couple of CD-ROMs and plugged away. I passed the first time. I think it depends on your style of studying and what you feel comfortable with.

Good luck to you.



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I didn't take the course, although they had a short Kaplan-like course during our last quarter, where we learned the Kaplan rules for answering questions. When I took the NCKLEX, I didn't find any questions where I had to use those rules. When I was stumped, I just used the process of eleimination. I did borrow someone's Kaplan book to review and didn't find it helpful. What really helped me, was to really get into my MedSurg book and really learn the content.


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I took the Kaplan class and thought it was helpful. If you can afford it go for it!

Good luck!:)


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Originally posted by nicoleinphilly

Hi everyone,


I own about 5 nclex books and study from them daily. taking?


Study daily as you are already doing. Use your NCLEX books you do not need anything else. Sounds like you are preparing well already.

Keep in mind: 1. the vast majority pass with the first try.

2. The vast majority never take Kaplan. 3. You spend how many years in nursing school studying for this NCLEX. What do you think Kaplan can do in a couple of days that your teachers could not do in the years you spent in school.

Kaplay preys on students' anxiety. 5 NCLEX books is already an over kill. Save the rest you your $$. You'll do fine. Inspite of what you have heard it is not that bad. The best advice I can give is study everyday from an NCLEX book all through school. I took may exam 2 days after I got my eligible to test letter. Got the minimum number of questions and passed the first time.

Relax you will be fine.


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I wouldnt waste the money. $400 gives you a review of every subject... even the subjects that you are strong in and don't really need to spend precious hours reviewing.

Why not grab a group of friends, a few NCLEX review books, and quiz each other. you will learn by answering the questions, and also reinforce your knowledge by explaining your answers.

Kaplan's review program seems like a nicely packaged way of preying on your test anxiety and fears. Time spent relaxing and reviewing at your own pace may be time better served.

Good luck regardless,



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THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH U GUYS! You gave me the confidence i needed....I know I can do this on my own...or i wouldnt have made it through the hell i just went through!!! Im gonna save my $400 and buy myself some new clothes!!



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its definately worth it. It took 3 times for me to pass but I used kaplan on the thrid time and I passed with only 75 questions. The first time I failed with 75 questions. Do the entire in class or online review and all the questions and use the decision tree and all the strategies they teach. Good Luck. You can do it. Be relentless.


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It is worth it! I took it and passed the first time. Good luck to you.


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I didn't take it, passed the first time. I think if you already have 5 review books and are diligently studying away, you will be fine. I think Kaplan might be a good route for someone who needs a more structured, guided review, but it sounds like you've got it under control on your own.


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Our school is purchasing a review course for us, through the NCSBN (National Council of State Boards of Nursing) They are the ones who develop the NCLEX exam, so I'm assuming it should be a great review course. Even if purchasing on your own, it is MUCH more affordable than Kaplan. 3 weeks - $50 Recommend 27 hours/week for review| 5 weeks - $70 Recommend 16 hours/week for review - 8 weeks - $100 Recommend 10 hours/week for review | 15 weeks - $160 Recommend 5-6 hours/week for review Here's their website:

AND, to make it even more appealing, they are offering a 10% discount this week for Nurse's Week! Good luck!

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