Is it suppose to be this way?

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HI EVERYONE, I don't want to sound so negative. But I'm a cna for now and I work in a nursing home and its extremely stressful. To the point where I dread of going to work and sometimes go in the bathroom and cry. I work at a facility, where they're always looking for someone to blame. Residents fight me, lie, curse you out and a few are in their right mind. If a resident refuse to be change and etc and I leave them because I don't want them saying I abused the, the nurse and next shift get mad at I wrong? This guy from last night almost died and the nurse trues to blame it on me, when she made me take him to the commode and I told her it wasn't a good idea. Another young resident, who rings all day wrote a letter against me saying his light was on for two hours, when it wasn't. When a cna went in there, he would tell her he want me and when I go in there he don't want anything. I asked him before I left, can I change him, he said he couldn't go without an enema, and refused, then I hear him telling the next shift, he havent been changed. Like I'm tired, residents complain and lie about anything. Nothings good enough. I'm always stressed and worried about losing my job because of this. No one backs you up and nothing you can really do. My dream is to be a nurse but I don't know anymore. I'm discouraged and feel really unappreciated. Is this how it suppose to be?

No it isn't supposed to be that way. I would suggest for you to report to your charge nurse any refusals of care. If a patient refuses to he changed or toileted make sure you report the refusal to the charge nurse. Then it is her/his responsibility to follow up. Perhaps ask them to go in the room with you and try or at least they can chart the refusal and what their intervention was.

If possible, ask for a 2nd person to go in the room with you for the patient who requests only you. If he refuses care then you have a witness that you tried, again report and get documentation that you tried.

Wish you the best, hope things can get better for you.

It is absolutely not supposed to be this way, and I know this because your description matches my experience 100%. I worked at a nursing home as my first CNA job, and it was quite similar. We forget that these patients are human and are often exerting bad attitude simply because they are acting childish and rude. It is important to remember that you are NOT there to be emotionally and physically abused. If any such things are happening, you report them straight to the nurse. Often in such facilities, the nurses are overworked and underappreciated as well, thus they may also give you attitude. Go straight to the charge nurse. Do not be afraid to speak your mind and explain that you are not feeling comfortable with the way you are treated. Present a sample situation to the charge nurse. For example, tell her that your patient is calling you names, physically trying to hurt you and refusing care. Ask the charge nurse for advice. This way, she is aware that this is going on, so that if the patient tries to blame you, you will not be investigated for abuse or miscare.

Also remember that if the patient is refusing care, they are refusing care. Bottom line. You are not there to force it upon them, you are an AIDE. Thus if they are not cooperating, just leave the room and report this to the nurse.

I recommend looking into a hospital position as a CNA. I got a job at a long-term acute care hospital last summer, and its amazing what a difference it made in my outlook on nursing. In a hospital the nurses are more likely to help, the attitude is more likely to be better, and you will better enjoy your experience. Realize that it is not just you that deals with the nursing home bs, and there are better places out there to work. Start exploring your options now.

Good luck and keep your head up! You are not alone, and this is not the end of the road. :)

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Long term care can be one of the most difficult, stressful, and labor intensive jobs anyone can have. Many of these residents have been placed there and they may not want to be there, they are trying to grab for some control over their lives, and can become very agitated. Some may have dementia, and not always know what they are saying. Try talking and spending some time with these patients, if they are in their right mind confront them about their behavior ask them why they respond to you the way they do, get them to talk to you about their lives. Maybe they are just so unhappy with where they are that they lash out at anything they can to feel like they have some control. Does this resident ever have family that visits them? Are they lonely or depressed. Is their medications making them behave that way, even as an aide you can see if they start acting out after they have received their medications or it is getting close to when they are due for their meds. Some people are just plane mean, family couldn't care for them because of how they behave and that may be why they were placed. Try to investigate why the patient is the way they are. Sometimes they want someone to get a little verbally tough with them it makes them feel alive, if they know your buttons they will push them, again because it makes them feel like they are in control. If you try the things that others have offered you by talking to your charge or trying to get to know your residents and this still doesn't work, then I agree with the person who said to find another job. If you are unhappy where you are at burnout occurs. Read up on the symptoms of burnout. Good luck I hope some of these suggestions that others have offered will help you

I think ultimately the answer is organizing and pushing for better conditions. I never used to be real big on unions, but I think that is the answer. Horrible conditions and pay for CNAs is almost universal. Its better in a hospital, but the gap in pay and working conditions between techs/aides and RNs is enormous and an embarrassment. I cant think of any other profession where a mere associates degree can result in such a huge boost in pay and prestige. I'm not knocking RNs for that, that's great they can demand the pay, but there needs to be an adjustment and the other staff need to start getting a slice of the pie, and that means organizing, nobody is going to do it out of the kindness of their heart.

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I have more than 20 years of experience. It does NOT have to be like what you deal with!!!! Yes, some places are like that and those are the places that you leave.

In my experience, in places like this, if you attempt any "change" even if it is for the better, it will backfire on you and they will find a way to get rid of you.

The nurses sound over worked and underappreciated as well and are in the mode of "cover your own butt". It is not likely that they will listen to you if you tell them a resident has refused care. In this facility, it sounds like they are under enough stress as well and probably don't want to hear that a resident refused care...and then have to deal with that as will probably just be called lazy and unable to do your job since you can't "deal" with the resident on your own. (even if you are just trying to cover your butt as well!!!).

I don't want to sound so negative...but it is real life. You want things to change, you want to "do the right thing", but that is just a bad situation to be in and nothing good will come of it.

RUN don't walk from that facility or sooner or later, you will be fired and there will be a black mark on your certification.

Do home care for a whatever you have to do to get out of that facility, the sooner the better!!

If you feel strongly about changing that the ombudsman AFTER you find another job.

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