Is there a specific test needed for admission into Nursing School?


I just want to know if there is a certain test needed to gain admission into Nursing School. The reason I ask is because I am currently attending Temple University and I am doing my nursing pre-reqs right now. Temple has a nursing school which you only can apply to for your junior year. They usually accept 70 out of 380 applicants and they are usually Temple students (students from other school's may be accepted as well, not as likely). Anyway, Temple Nursing school does not require a test to get admitted, but it is still competitive none the less.

I have been hearing on these boards about a test but I am not sure if it is a test (like the SAT to get into college) into nursing school. I would like to know as soon as possible because I am a freshman and this fall, as a sophomore, I have to apply to nursing schools and don't want to put my eggs all in one basket, in respect to Temple's nursing school. I think that probably other schools would want a test and I would like to have a link to the test's website, if it is possible. I would really, really appreciate it. Thank you. :) :) :)


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Every school is different. Some programs require the NET test...others the TEAS..and others may have even a different one. Mine requires the TEAS. You only take it once you have applied. Since each school is individual they would be able to tell you what, if any, additional test you may have to take for entrance.


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The school I am at did not require any test. They based admission on grades, essays, and (to a very small extent) community service.


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All the schools I applied to needed NLN scores. They all varied with what exactly they required or looked for in terms of scores - some were much more stringent than others, but they all wanted to see good overall comprehension of each subject area.

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