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Is it Realistic???

by Suhvannah Suhvannah (New) New

hey :)

im new here

but have known about the site for a bit


after getting my degree

i really wanted to move to ny.


-hold your breath ppl-


now i knoooooow its crazy expensive to live there.

rent like what...2000?

is it possible to live in or REALLY close to soho on a RN salary?

haha i figure i should find out now to see if my dreams shall be crushed:crying2:

not unless u have roomates like Carrie and Samantha to split the rent. Other than rent you have to eat, im sure you would like to go out once in a while. Car is not even an option, so theres more to it than just rent. YOu also have your utilities to worry about, cable, phone, cell phone yada yada yada u get the point

Queens is literally 3 stops from Manhattan, I lived in a cute co-op with a BEAUTIFUL view of the Empire state building, better than some manhattan apartments. Affordable (600 for maintenance) BEST apartment ever, but now i live in LI

Good luck in whatever you decide, SoHo is nice but keep an open mind because there are so many nooks and crannies of NYC that are even NICER


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Why SoHo?

SoHo doesn't truly have a community feel to it. After 7pm or so most stores close and from then on, it's limited traffic besides tourists trying to get to their hotels. As it stands, most people that live there share a loft with 3-5 people.

There are so many neighborhoods to live in within Manhattan. I can't find the allure of living in SoHo. I'm sure shows/movies like Sex & The City make it seem like a very glamorous and worthwhile place to live in, but any New Yorker will tell you that SoHo doesn't have anything too appealing besides the lofts that are huge in size and costs.

Besides, a typical loft apartment in SoHo (Which the majority are) goes for around $3,000 - $5,000 a month.. Insane if you ask me. Yes, you can find smaller apartments in SoHo, but most of those have been taken by people with similar interests. Even a studio in Soho will run you close to $2,000.

Although, if you truly want Soho, it is possible. You can either work overtime each week and just run a tight budget after rent, utilities and food expenses OR you can get a roommate and split the costs.



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I dont get the SoHo appeal either??? There's so many other areas that i would consider before it- Murray Hill, the village, UES, UWS....

The thing about living in the city though is- you can def find a place to live and work a whole lot of OT to afford it, but you spend so much of your time and money to afford a place to live, that you don't really get to take advantage of "city living" IMO.

I agree with the other poster that mentioned living in Queens- some areas are a quick train ride away. But i guess it all depends on your priorities/what's going to make you happy.

Well I guess the appeal is it's name and how it is marketed to visitors. Suhvannah didn't state whatpart of the country she/he is moving from, so they might not know about Murray Hill, etc....just what is written about or on TV.

Unless you're married or live with someone who makes a 6 figure income, it will be difficult (if not impossible) to afford anything other than rent in Soho. Even taxes have to be taken into consideration, in addition to utilitities (such as heat or A/C in the summer). Also, if you lose your job for any reason, you'll have huge debt.

In my humble opinion, I think it's better to save up to own a property such as a house, townhouse, condo, etc., in the other 5 boroughs in NY besides Manhattan. Some townhouses even have inground pools, gyms, & other facilities. By owning something, you build equity & can later sell it if you need/want to & you can build up a good credit history. That's what I would do after I finish nursing school & pay back my loans. The hype of Manhattan is just that--it's overpriced for small space. You're better off saving any extra cash for vacations (eventually you'll probably want to get away from the daily grind).

My $ .02

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