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Is it possible to study abroad as a Nursing major...?

TJ_vladin TJ_vladin (Member)

As much as I love the field of Nursing, I am much frustrated with the restrictions and hassles nursing students have to undergo. All other majors such as Business Econ, Accounting, Engineers, Liberal Arts (Psychology, Sociology etc.) are able to study abroad quite easily than nursing students. It seems as if the clinicals must be performed at a certain hospital at a certain time and your unable to do it overseas. According to my school, they hold study abroad/internships during the summer. But, I'm not really interested in the summer, I just want either Fall or Spring where the semester is prolonged. Any idea or does it all depend on the school...?

You could always do a summer abroad program if the semesters are too restrictive. I think a study abroad program is a life experience everyone should have if they can afford it.

Double-Helix, BSN, RN

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It really depends on your nursing program. My nursing program offered some summer electives abroad- one to Nicaragua, another to Sweden, I think. But as far as a semester abroad, there were no options. I think the reason is that 1. Nursing schools need to go through a heavy accreditation process including approval of clinical sites. 2. Nursing schools have a contract with hospitals that allows their students to participate in clinicals. It's not too easy to coordinate this abroad.

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My nursing school offered a semester abroad where students could do nursing clinicals in a European country (I think Italy). Have you asked your school advisor? Other schools may also have this option

YES!! Maybe not your school, but I know at mine it is possible to do one class abroad (for 5 weeks or something), and it is also possible to do an exchange program for a semester. A friend of mine is actually doing this in the fall - even clinical! Ask your advisor or the dean of the nursing program, they should know what they have available.

I'm assuming that you aren't a pre-nursing student, but already in a program, I'll throw this out there anyways though. If you are a freshman or sophomore in college and still trying to get those pre-reqs out of the way (like history, English, math, foreign language etc etc), maybe going abroad with taking those classes would be the best way to go? I tried to look into the studying nursing abroad thing myself and never really found anything.

I studied abroad for a semester with my first degree (right now I'm second degree BSN) and many students, actually the majority that I met, chose programs that are not even in their interested major. It's all about the experience of living and learning in another place and such a wonderful experience it is!

Good luck! Hopefully you can find something, it's definitely an opportunity every student should be able to experience.

Do you have clinicals every semester? Could you study abroad with another program during a semester that you don't have a clinical? While in college the first time (not for nursing) I really wanted to study abroad but my major didn't have any programs. So I picked one that looked good and knocked out some of my gen eds and electives while having a life changing experience that I will never forget.