Is Nursing Worth It?? A Poem


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Is Nursing Worth It?

Is it all worth it?

What we put ourselves through

Do we pay too big a price

To do what we're called to do

I'm tired of all the stress

I can't bear it any longer

I didn't know it would be this hard

Maybe I needed to be stronger

They told me I was accepted

That I was smart and a blessing

But then they question my abilities

They have me second guessing

Nursing school is a nightmare

I feel like I'm sinking

I've never experienced anything like it

Oh God... what was I thinking!

I did it... I graduated!

I didn't let them break me

I showed them that I was worthy

Who knew I had it in me

But now a new challenge awaits

My future rides on one last test

Every eye is on me

All I can do is my best

The pressure unravels me

I'm nauseous and shaking

I open the page

How long is it taking!!

Time seems to be frozen

Then at long last

I see the unexpected...

It's over... I PASSED!

I drop to my knees

The tears begin to flow

I'm full of mixed emotions

Too many to really know

Am I really a nurse

It doesn't seem real

I'm numb all over

How am I supposed to feel

Next I pound the pavement

I couldn't be more glad

But I find a harsh reality

I'm not a nurse but a New Grad!

Are you kidding me?

When does it all end!

Must I keep proving myself

I just want to be an RN!

A job is finally offered

And then yet another

Now the balls in my court

Do I take this one or the other

I'm thinking I like tele

But I would work ICU too

What about trauma nursing

Maybe med/surg would do

Do I prefer the day shift or night

Evenings might be nice

Maybe travel or registry

Possibly weekends could entice

I have so many options

My choices now abound

The world is my oyster

A perfect career I have found

Was it all worth it in the end

To have the perfect career

I think it truly was

Despite the heartache that I share

Not only is our job rewarding

Our path is ours to create

A nurse is like a chameleon

The possibilities will never abate

To nurses everywhere...

Enjoy the rewards of your career... you've earned it!! :bow:

To furture nurses...

Hang in there... you will find that it truly IS worth it!! :redbeathe

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I loved it !!! This poem just gave me the motivation I need to get off AN and study for my final this FRIDAY !


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I loved it !!! This poem just gave me the motivation I need to get off AN and study for my final this FRIDAY !

That's awesome! Best of luck on your final. Eye on the prize! :wink2:


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VERY NICE. Best wishes to you.


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Pure poet and a nurse at that. Thank you for sharing your poem, very uplifting!!!

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