Is nursing school worth it?


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The entire ASN program in the local community colleges in my area is less than $4k for tuition...for the 2 year program in it's entirety. I don't know what a "session" is (class, semester, block, year??) but I'm just pointing out you have cheaper options & don't need to quit your major but perhaps find a more reasonably priced school in your area.


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You can get a great education at a state university or community college for far less money. I think you are wise for questioning the costs of tuition you are currently paying. Before making a change, can you find out if your local community college or state university will allow transfer of your credits? Please make an appointment with an advisor and ask lots of questions.

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Oh darling- get the heck outta there and enroll in a community college!!! In California $8000. would cover all your tuition, books, uniforms, equipment, with some money left over. You'd likely qualify for BOG waiver s( free tuition), maybe for help with everything else as well. That RN degree is going to cost you what- $80-$100k? Hell no! Just looked up their NCLEX pass rate- 78%!!!! Run like the wind!


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