Is nursing a realistic career for a person with autoimmune disease?

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It sounds like your school probably requires full-time attendance, but some don't. I don't know if that's an option for you. I go part-time, which helps so much. The boot camp attitude is still there, but if you can take a slower pace it helps. I will never understand the stupid (sorry, I really, really think it's dumb) boot camp "I did it, so you should, too" nursing school deal. I think my program sort of prides itself on being new and innovative, so it is probably much less so that way than some others (like the cc in my town that I've heard nightmare stories about)... I'd probably be flipping if I had to put up with what some nursing students do. Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide... there are many areas of nursing, and many allied health areas, too.

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If you want to help people, make a difference, have you considered volunteering in a hospital? Rock and feed babies in a nursery, at a general med unit visit the elderly patients without visitors and just sit and talk.

maybe try it, you'll be exposed to the hospital setting, interact with patients and see and hear a few things that will help your decision either way.

bottom line, nursing is a VERY tough but rewarding career, some days more tough by the hour.


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I am taking nutrition right now as a prereq and my nursing instructor tried to talk me into doing nutrition (due to my background w/writing) but said she loved it since you dont work long hours - dont have to do the "icky" stuff but still get to work with people and she said she could find a job lots of places (she has worked in a hospital, in a fitness center, and as a nutritionist individually and now as an instructor)

She said there were lots of opportunities like that - to work with people but without as much stress and long hours as nursing

Perhaps you could consider something like that - Nutrition, Physical Therapy, something that is working with people but not as stressful and no long shifts...


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I have Multiple Sclerosis, and I have been a nurse for 7 years. It is stressful, but isn't everything that is worth doing? I love my work, and am just starting to travel, it is a wonderful position, and most important, you must do what you love, or there is no point in doing it at all...


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I love this thread...I have an appt at college next monday. I am starting the path to my RN...finally!!! I am having surgery on my spine on June 1st though. I wondered if I would be albe to complete school, and then a career. I know I will. I just cant see myself doing anything else, ever. I cant believe the tremendous positive support here. I hope you find your way, I am sorry I cant give any advise. Since I too am very new to nursing. Hang in there, and I would listen to these smart caring people here.!

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