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Is there any nursi g programs with no waiting list?


I was suppose to start nursing school in Jan for Run but keep getting the run around. The issues are that cna is a requirement and it must be through a Bon training with clinical hours. But I challenged the test and passed. Well they said they'll accept me BC I worked for almost two years as a cna and they'll accept that and now I beta call saying I have to retake the cna course and more stuff over and I won't be able to finish by Jan and they told me they can't hold my spot. So what am I going to do? I can't afford to wait another 2 years to get into nursing school. The only school I can find is ecpi but its $50,000 for the course. Any advice or any information would help. Thanks!

Some schools in some areas of the country might not, but you don't say where you are. And if you can't afford to hold off on school, I doubt you can afford to relocate.

I'm a little confused on something: ARE you already a CNA (you said you've been working as one for 2 years)? If not, and you challenged the exam, were you awarded a CNA or not? And lastly, why could you not complete a CNA course in five months (between now and January)?

I am a cna and have my cna ll. I have to do my can the next class is next month and other stuff. The last date for registration is August 19 for Jan starting date. I asked her can I start in August of next year and she said she cant say for sure BC she can't hold my spot. I'm in Charlotte BC and will relocate. Basically if I can't finish cna course by August 19. I'll have reapply and wait all over.