Is the 3.0 a nightmare?


Hi all you knowledgable MDS folks out there. I have about 3 years experience in MDS 2.0 that included a lot of PPS assessments for Medicare. I have been away from nursing since about the time the 3.0 was first coming on line so I haven't worked with it yet. I am considering diving back in and would like your input.

I have a couple of questions for you pros out there. Number one: Should I pursue getting recertified in the 3.0 on my own before I even apply for jobs? (I was previously certified for the 2.0 with AANAC, but my employer paid for my training then).

Number two (and maybe more important): Is the 3.0 a nightmare? At the places I worked previously, the 2.0 was quite the heavy workload, with RAPs, careplanning, working with therapy to get the best RUG's etc.

I followed the posts here when the 3.0 came out and it sounded pretty bad for any MDS nurse, but are things manageable again now that the dust has settled?

Am I better off pursuing something else in your opinion?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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3.0 is much better since the software got most of the "bugs" fixed!!! Check out the RAI manual online at There you can find learning tools regarding 3.0. Afte you review the RAI, etc., I think the certification would be good. You already know MDS, just not the changes. GO FOR IT! Best wishes and have fun!

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Thank you so much for your encouragement! I needed a little boost today since job hunting can be demoralizing. Boosts can be had to come by so you have helped me more than you can know. :)

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P.S. If anyone else has any input, please tell me your thoughts. My impression was the 3.0 is even more work than the 2.0 was and it was a heckuva lot. Thanks!


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I agree with the previous comment. Actually i dreaded when 3.0 happened but after becoming familiar with it , it seems to flow better than 2.0 did. While it appears to be longer, there are so many skip patterns built in it it does not work out to be any longer. Good luck

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Thanks dbsue1954! If anyone else has any comment, I would love to hear from you.

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