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Is it just me?

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I am pretty well-rounded when it comes to work experience, especially for my age (20.) I have wanted to be a nurse since I was five. Currently, I work in an assisted living home (not skilled nursing) as a caregiver, but I am being trained to be a Med Aide. I just finished my first term of prereqs and it was really easy. I am going to a HUGE CC in Portland, OR and I am just shocked with how easy it was to get all A's. Obviously classes will get more difficult, but I just wanted to see if anyone was in a similar boat. The programs I plan to apply to are all points based. If I maintain my grades, I will apply with 55/60 points. I lose points for not being a CNA, EMT, MA, ect. and for not having a prior degree. I feel extremely intimidated because I am the youngest in my workplace, youngest in my classes, I could go on and on... I feel like the program is set up for more mature folks to get it and weed out the "youngins." I am 20. It is near impossible for me to have a prior degree. Another debate is whether or not to get my CNA. Yes, I'll have to shell out $1200 for classes but I will get 4 more points on my application. As a Med Aide, I do a lot of CNA-esque work already. Is it worth is to take CNA classes?


P.S. I am hoping to get RN at CC then transfer to OHSU for BSN.... and possibly MSN (I'm young--let me dream a little LOL)


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There's nothing wrong with being young :) I'm an LPN about to apply for a bridge program and I just turned 21. Being the youngest can be intimidating but you have to remember everyone is in the same boat during the program. Be confident, you're smart and determined! As for getting those CNA classes, I wouldn't imo. 55/60 points is great!!! Keep those grades up and I believe you'll get in your program no problem. Of course the decision comes down to what you want to do. But if it was me, I would stick with the med aide.

As long as you keep your grades up, the CNA should not be necessary, but look at it this way: it could become your cushion. What if there are a slew of applicants in the 55-60 point range? The admissions panel could very well choose to cull the herd by eliminating those without the CNA (as well as using other criteria). This is one factor that you can control, sure, to the tune of $1200, but it might turn out to be the deciding factor. I just think it makes things easier to be able to say that you obtained a CNA certificate. They look at that as an indicator of interest in providing nursing care. Good luck as you progress through your program.

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The community college programs in Portland are extremely competitive and you want to get as many points as possible. You should really check out the threads in the Oregon nursing section for Portland area schools to get an idea of how many points people had and what the general cut-off has been from year to year. Good luck!