Is the insurances and politicians in your state trying to run nursing?

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In california we have so many problems right now with insurance companys trying to play power trips with medical and politicains right in the middle of it (not always a good side either) its no wonder nursing is quickly going in a spiral downward spin. some where we lost controll if we ever had it to begin with and now its going backwards not forewards.

greg in mass

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Yes. Also imagine what is to come in the near future when the baby boom era grows older and retires. Then add the fact that less and less people are currently not going into the nursing profession. Thus creating a serious nursing shortage. I just hope that something will soon be done to aid us in the future.


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Kjmta57 one question. When were Nurses ever in charge of their profession? You have to go a long way bachk in history to find oout when this was so. If yoou find when please let me know.


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Hi. I don't think anyONE is in control. It's a thing. In this world, this thing is called money. It walks, talks, and eats our lunch. It even takes kitchen sinks. On the surface, insurance companies, managed care organizations, pharmaceuticals, and politicians appear to have all the control, but they are just the enablers or hench people. These entities are clearly codependents on excess profits or economic misrouting.

On another note, nursing is not just going downward, health and medical care in general is going in that direction. Another poster pointed out the impact of the boomer generation. I believe that the boomers are going to end up being more unhealthy than our predecessors if we live to reach old age. Who doesn't believe for one moment that the GDP will nosedive as all of us boomers age and our chronic health problems exacerbate on us? Will there be any reliable source of health care assistance for us? Where's my Geritol and my dumbells?


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I was never delusional enough to believe that nurses has any power, but when I first started nursing, the doctors were the ones in charge. When DRG's took over, the power was handed to insurance companies and all those people who know absolutely nothing about health care started making the monetary decisions. The ridiculous tap dancing we do that was supposed to save money has in fact cost much more in dollars and lives than the few extra days in the hospital patients used to spend to get quality care. I could go on for pages, but you all know what I'm talking about. Let's just consider for a tiny moment the paper work alone.

Mel C

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There is no one person who has control over nuring. Realize that we are the largest group of medical professionals. If we don't collectively act together and join an alliance it will continue to seem like the politicians have some role here. Understand that there are many perspectives to the medical situation. When did hosptial's go into business to make money? that is when this all started. The government has tried to step in to assist with American's cries that health costs were too high. If you increase the lines of communication between the medical professional and the lay person at the insurance company who is making the approval decisions, you will be sucessfull. If nurses were to band together and begin forums to assist insurance companies in educating them in nurse practicies and how we can help to improve the situation, then we have no one else to blam but ourselves! Remember we have power if we lobby and advocate for ourselves and issues that affect us and the way we practice. If we continue to remain silent, who are we to complain?

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