Is it impossible to find a job as a PCT? Or is it just me?


hello all!

i am starting clinicals in the spring, and have been trying my darndnest (not sure if that's a word) to find a hospital in the aea that will train me as a pct. iv'e taken the advice of many people on this forum and applied to several hospitals. nothing. then i applied again, and again, and again. nothing. i am soooo frustrated. i'm at my wits end, and a little bitter i must say. these are the same folks who i plan on applying to when i finish my bsn. they are definitely going to want me then.....i guess, lol. anyone else have this problem? any recommendations? :)


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I've had the same problem. I have been applying for PCT jobs for over a year now and don't even get a call back. I don't know if they still are but i know a lot of hospitals were on hiring freezes for anything not deemed necessary to hire for at the present time. I don't know what the issue is but I do know when they hire they hire a bunch of people at the same time and they go through a clas together. My friend got a call back after only one application but I've had no such luck. I'm not sure why this is going on but let me know if you happen to figure something out!

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I think you will find that hospitals now want one of three things:

1. previous experience

2. CNA certification

3. having been through a semester of clinical

I didn't get a job until I had finished a med surg rotation. This was about four months ago.


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Its funny..Im going through the same thing. I actually talked to a recruiter today in HR and she noticed I had all three things previously mentioned: previous experiece, CNA certification, and 2 semesters of med/surg clinicals and 4 weeks of OB. When she talked to the manager on the floor, the manager passed on my application because I graduate nursing school in December of 2011. The department is looking for PCTs who will stay for the long haul. Apparently the turnover rate is high.

But I will keep on applying.


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Yes keep on applying. There was a flier at school (LSN) that were hiring PCT/PCA positions at St. Johns. There was a direct phone number to contact them but I didn't write it down. If you still want it, message me and I can find out for you :)


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This is response to message by Kong. If possible I would also like phone # for St. John's. I finished nursing fundamentals and I am thinking about applying for tech job at St. John's. I have applied for other jobs there in past but I never heard anything. Perhaps this time I will.

Thank you. Good luck to you.