Is my HESI score good enough?

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Hey everyone! I applied to my local community college's ADN program. I'm SO worried that I'm not going to get in. To my knowledge, they accept roughly 80 students into the entire program. It's really the only program in my area, so it is highly competitive. I score an 85.3% on my exam. My school requires a minimum of 71%. I also have a 3.5 GPA in my prerequisite courses that are required to enter the program. What did you score on the HESI? Did you get into your small program?

At kj2455, what school did you take the Hesi for? I recently took a Hesi placement exam as well, I am very nervous about my score.

I took the HESI for LFCC in VA. It's a community college.

I see. Mine was at Rio Grande, Ohio. I am also going through the same, I posted here awhile back but no one has gotten back to me. I hope you get in the program. I was told that we won’t know it until 2/29, since that’s when the last group will be taking their exam. Good luck to both of again on waiting patiently.

I won't know until March or April, so I have a while to go.. Good luck! I hope that you get into your program!

Thank you! March is ok but April will be too far in order to know if you got in or not. Keep thinking positive & start claiming it already, that you’re in the program. Also keep me posted if you get in.

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