Is the Hemodialysis Nurse Experience can use as experience if I'm going to apply..

by jtanga Member

Can I use my hemodialysis experience as an experience if I'm going to apply in the Hospital? I heard nursing home experience doesn't honor in the hospital.


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Do you actually access and use the dialysis equipment as an RN? If so then I see no reason you could not list that as experience.

Lacie, BSN, RN

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I left dialysis to return to clinical areas and found it was very difficult (at least in my area). Most of the hospitals didnt consider dialysis as "bed-side" experience therefore wouldnt even consider an interview. Although I have almost 30 years experience previously in open-heart, burn ICU, and other critical care areas for over 25 of those years. I ended up securing a position in Home Health Care as a Clinical Manager. In all honest it has turned out to be the best decision in the long run. I love it!! Not that it doesnt have it's issues as with any job but much easier on my body/mental stess. I get to go home at 5 with no nights/weekends, except for a week of call here and there. I work 7.5 hr days M-F :)