Is it hard, time consuming, or both?

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I am reading several posts about how dificult NS is and how high drop rates are. This is really scaring me. I am pretty anal about studying and do well with keeping on track and focusing on my school work. I have an average GPA of 3.6.

I am really psyching myself out. I am beyond excited to start NS in August. It's my dream, I wouldn't want anything more for myself and my son!

But when I read how high the drop rates are and how hard it is, I wonder if I'll be a part of the drop rate!

I read about those "trick question" exams that will have 3-4 right answers, but which is the "most right." I read about all these horror stories.

Is NS "hard", time consuming, or both? Have you heard of people failing out for paying attention and putting their all into it?

Really anxious.


I feel the same way! I just started college for my pre req's. But im trying not to get too influenced by what i read, im following my dream/goal in life and not letting anyone get in my way! Good luck!!!:nurse:

p.s How is Bio, Anatomy and Psyciology?! thats what im worried of!

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Personally, learning the material isn't hard. Nursing school and studying is very time-consuming. The hardest part for me was organizing all the information being thrown at me into most important to least important. I wanted to know it all, but that's impossible. Knowing the material on top of clinical time, care plans, med cards, and skills is what's hard. It's just lots of time and lots of work. Oh, yes. Papers and group work. See what I mean? Lots to do in little time, but it's manageable if you want it badly enough.

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It is both, and I graduated magna cum laude. The hard part was learning how to answer those NCLEX-style questions. I didn't fully get it until the end. (I should have bought an NCLEX review book my very first semester. It would have made a huge difference.) As for the rest, Me-erThanMe assessment is dead on about how time consuming it is.

My girl friend who failed a class failed because she couldn't figure out how to answer NCLEX-style questions. I didn't have time to be nosey or have a FB account during nursing school so I don't know the circumstances of how other ex-classmates failed.

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Uhm, well I got an A in Anatomy & Physiology 1 and 2.

I thought it was easy if you studied. It is A LOT of work, and so much to study for [depending on your instructor]. But if you stay on top of your studying and actually try to understand it rather than memorizing, you'll be okay.

I don't start until September, but I honestly think the drop out rate is so high because a lot of people do not really know what to expect when it comes to taking care of the patients. I think they just see the money they can make. If nursing is something you really want to do then I think you will suceed and do very well.

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Nursing school is hard AND time consuming, but if you love what you're doing you'll find it very rewarding as well.

Don't let the drop rates scare you. During my first year of nursing school, I watched my classmates fail classes, changes majors, and drop out of school. It scared the bajeebies out of me! :no: I now realize that the people who are committed to a career in nursing will struggle, yes, but will make it. People who fail out often don't have the "drive" that it takes to be a nursing student.

I psych myself out as well. Don't let that keep you from pursuing a career in nursing if that's what you really feel called to do.

Yes, those darn "trick" questions. If you learn your stuff, apply yourself, and think of your instructors as valuable resources instead of enemies, then you'll get the hang of it. Part of it is just adjusting to a different way of studying and applying information.

Go for it! Don't let fear keep you from being excited for nursing school! And don't forget to have some fun while you're at it. :specs:

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Thanks for that! I needed those words of motivation. I am so excited to start!

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It's nice to know nursing professors and colleges are still up to the old tricks. When I started nursing (ADN) school, they told us over and over how hard it would be, how we couldn't work, how we would NEVER survive unless we were in a study group, etc. I was terrified until I realized that they were speaking generally, and they didn't know me. You have to find what works for YOU. I never joined a study group because that's not my learning style and guess what? I graduated top of my class with a 4.0 (not that any employers cared!). Just do what you always do to maximize your learning and be conscientious, and you'll be fine.

Everyone is different. With this being said if you have taken your general studies courses, there is a direct correlation with doing well in classes such as anatomy and physiology and pass rates of nursing school. This is not for everyone, but it is helpful for some to know this ahead of time if you are someone who struggles in these areas.

Nursing school is difficult due to the volume of information, not because of its content, in my experience. If you have made it this far you can go all the way. Don't listen to those that complain and are negative, that is their experience and the reason why they are having such a tough time has a lot to do with their mind frame. Positive thinking brings about positive results. Yes, nursing does require a different thought process as there is hardly ever one "correct" answer, but you will adjust and begin to acknowledge patterns. God bless!!!

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I agree that everyone is different. I do not think the material we're learning is inherently easy. It requires intelligence - not everyone could do it.

However, some things come easily to some people.

I really don't think you can get around it being a lot of work, no matter who you are. It's a lot or material in a short period of time, combined with assignments that take time. If you seriously struggle with science or time management, you could be doomed either way.

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