Is there an educator category? Questions on simulator education job.

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I am applying for a Simulation Education Coordinator that I believe is a new position at the hospital. I'm in an MSN education program and will finish next spring.

Should I expect that this position will be roughtly equilivent to a clinical educator?

Does anyone know what this should pay? I'm in Colorado.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I moved the thread for you to the Nurse Faculty-Nurse Educators forum, where you might get a few more answers to your questions. I hope you get the job!

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I think a clinical education background is a plus... However, simulation has become a field of its own that has a ton of research/education practice to back it. If you have simulation experience or simulation education this is a plus. While clinical education & of course clinical experience is most definitely an asset in this position, experience with or knowledge of simulation is a huge plus. You can research this topic. Sim educators are becoming a specialty.

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L:up: Ditto to previous posting.

In addition to planning the simulation schedule, you will have to develop or call on clinical specialists to develop the patient scenarios and learner competency checklists.

Much success to you.:)

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Thanks for the input everyone. I did get the job but turned it down, going to a 9-5 schedule just doesn't work for my life. I was a bit skeptical about the pay since the only requirement was 3 years as nurse or paramedic. But the range was 55-80K, not too bad in these parts. I'm also getting my MSN and joining the Air National Guard so my plate's kind of full... Thanks again.

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