Is this crazy???


Hi everyone. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I have a job working in the human service field. I've always thought I should be a nurse, but never have done anything about it.

Recently, my partner has become disabled, and I am now supporting our family of 4 on my income (around 37K). We are having a tough time making ends meet, and I thought, hey, maybe now is the time to go into nursing. I got into an accelerated BSN program, to start in January. We're hoping my partner could work again, but I'm not sure. I need to start considering the fact that I might need to be the sole income for the family.

Is going to nursing school nuts at this point? The family will have to live on loans so I can get through school, and then the job market being so tight, maybe its crazy? I know I cannot live on what I make now, and my kids are little and only going to get more expensive, I need to do something. But not having any job is worse. I know any pay increase going into the nursing might be minimal, but at least possible. I'm really not going to make much more at my current job. My current job may or may not continue (we just had a round of layoffs a few months ago, I was safe this time around, but who knows). I'm not sure I will find a job in my current field for the same $$ if I do get let go. My goal would be to go into some kind of advanced practice once I graduate and get some experience (not sure what yet though), but I guess that is everyone's goal, huh?

I'm confused, any suggestions? I know its a choice I have to make myself, but insight from those that are in a similar situation, or have an opinion, I'm all ears.

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In a word: yes.

Sorry to be blunt. Unless you're in a position to relocate to another state in search of a job, I think you will have a very hard time finding work as a new grad.

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If I was to do it over again - I would consider Physical therapy assistant (PTA) or Occupational therapy assistant (COTA) They are perhaps easier programs to get into and there are still jobs out there for them (at least I was told this by the PTA I work with). I think what they do looks like a rewarding job and they seem happy with their jobs.

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If you are ever going to do it, this sounds like the right time.

I was in a similar situation. In a job that didn't pay a whole lot, and with future growth opportunities that didn't really appeal to me, and the market for any other job was very bleak and didn't look to be getting better anytime soon. I also had zero healthcare experience, but had become very interested in nursing and the different things you could get do as a RN. I was accepted into a nursing program and went for it.

You sound like you have realistic expectations. You may have a hard time getting thta first job. However I graduated last May, and although I don't think many of us in my class have found our dream job yet, most of us are working. Although you won't make a whole lot more than you do now when you start, I believe future opportunities will be better than most occupations.

So, no, you're not crazy!


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That is scary. It is a tough decision you need to make because it is hard to get into the program but you have to be able to keep yourself and your family covered in the meantime. Can you borrow enough to live off of for a year and a half in case you do need to rely on your money and it takes you 6 months to find a job? If you can, then you are covered and you should go. If you can't, it seems like a very risky decision to me. I'm an alternate for Regis right now and the money situation scares me pretty bad as well. I do have a working husband though so I don't have the pressure that you do.

Good luck with your decision. Go with your gut!!


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Yes and No....You must do what makes you happy and feasible, and it is all about how determined you are to get there.

Unless you are 20, there is never a great time to go back to school as a working adult with a family to support. It's kind of like jumping into a pool of sharks, so I would recommend for you to put pen to paper on the finances and see if this is something that is doable or not.

Good luck with your decision and congrats on your acceptance.