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Is it common to hear derogatory comments about nurse researchers work not valid because they are not currently clinically working?


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I am looking into nursing research and currently working on my own studies for my degree. I have noticed nurses making comments that research or even doctoral nursing opinions as not valid because they "haven't worked a floor in years". Is this a common opinion?

I know this is not true, maybe for nurses closer to retirement, but certainly their experience would count for something?


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It's a sad reality but nurses DO continue to bash and minimize other nurses' practice as LESS THAN their own.

This minimalization , knocking, discriminating, etc has been going on forever!

Don't you know that 'school nurses don't feel like 'real nurses', NH/LTC nurses aren't 'real nurses', those who can't, 'TEACH', insurance nurses don't really work, etc???

There have been numerous AN postings about this for some time, even currently. Sometime ago, there was a very eye-opening post about a subtle 'hierarchy' even within specialties.

Time to change that mindset. But I doubt it'll happen anytime soon.

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OP, the only nurses I look up to are the ones who are comfortable in their own skin. Some work by bedside and others do not. However, yes, many nurses sound like lay people who think that only real nurses work in the hospital setting, by the bedside, and in 1 of 3 specialties (ICU, ED, or OB-Labor side).

With that said, OP, if you find your niche by bedside great, keep growing! Otherwise, don't allow others to intimidate you into thinking that is the only place where you will be valued as a nurse. In other words, grow some thick skin and don't seek approval for your nursing career choices. You won't get much approval within our profession. However, if you are good at the thing you enjoy, you will receive approval and rewards in other ways. 🙂 Good luck to you!

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