Is anyone else going the LPN route??

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"OH! you are going to nursing school..will you be an RN?" "No", I say, "LPN." "Oh", they reply with a sigh, "will you go on?"

I know if you are going to LPN school you have heard such words or some like them. Don't you get so sick of it? LPN's are nurses too, don't people understand. They act like you are just going to janitor school. It makes me wonder if at one point in time there was an evil LPN who gave us all a bad rap..:eek: ooooohh...scary LPN, run us Mr./Ms. RN!:p Oh well I have absolutely nothing against anyone's choice of career whether it be fast food or what have you. Whatever you choose just be good at it. So let's unite all us LPN wannabes and squash this horrible tale of the evil LPN and BE THE BEST LITTLE NURSES THAT WE CAN BE!!!

jschut, BSN, RN

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I just recently graduated LPN and am so proud to be one!

Hang in there and just let the little comments slide off your back as you would anything else...

It's not worth it, but being a nurse (LPN or RN) is...

Good Luck!



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Hi Simply,

I'm still a little undecided which route I may go, LPN or RN. It really all depends on where I find myself in the next year or two.

But whenever I mention that I may just go LPN I get;

"Well, you know LPN's aren't going to be around much longer, they've been phasing them out for years."

"Why would you be an LPN, you're so smart."

"You know LPN's don't make nearly as much as RN's"

You are right, a lot of people make it sound like you are going to janitor school.


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I say.. Be whatever you want to be.... Whether it be LPN or RN... What kind of career do these people have???? Probably nothing as prestigous as taking care of people when they are at their worst.... Yes there is a money diff, yes their is a lil responsibilty differance... Who cares.. Do what makes YOU happy!!


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I have been aLPN for @ yrs and darn right proud of it....

My friends have this quote."LPN=little play nurse....RN real nurse"

DO I EVER SET THEM STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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great for me! I already work for a physician as a CMA, and don't have a lot of interest working hospital right now while my son is little. I can't wait to start! I know I'll get my RN someday, but the LPN route is faster, and will be easier to keep my current job, and pay for school, than the RN. Do what's best for you! My goal is to be a L&D RN, and once my son is in school full-time, I'll persue that!

Good Luck!


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I am starting LPN school (HOPEFULLY) this fall and I am very happy to do so. I understand the pay difference and the fact that theres not as many options but I want to do pediatric in home and for that I can be an LPN and make very decent money. Besides I have two kids and a husband to take care of at home and we are gonna have to do some serious rearranging as it is for just one full year of school let along one year of prereqs and then two years of the program. Nursing is what Ive wanted to do for as long as I can rememeber and I could care less what anyone thinks of my initials behind my name. As long as we do the best job possible we are good nurses period.

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