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Hello, This will be my second time applying for IRSC's RN program, first time around I had a total of 156 points and did not get accepted. This time my total is 184, I am feeling good about my score but I am still nervous until I get that acceptance letter!! I am really hoping I get in. Just wanting to see who's applying!


I was hoping to see a thread. Congrats on such a great score. I actually have a 155 total score :-( I was hoping to do better. I'm pretty sure you'll get in with such a high score.

Yes, congrats on the score! I was just hoping to get a feel for the NLN and was sure I was going to have to retake it. I have a total combined score of 165, so hopefully that is enough. Good luck to all! Hope to see you next semester :)

Great job on that score. I have a total of 154. If I don't make it in I'm off to keiser in January. Good luck to all.

5/10 was my first time taking the NLN, and I have a combined score of 148. :notworthy: Looking at previous semesters thread, I think letters come out pretty quickly? Hoping it will be enough, if not then I'll retest and try again for January '19!

I was curious to know what did you do differently the second time to score higher on the NLN

Im at 182 total.

How long does it take for the limited access application on irsc website to reflect the nln score?

I am not sure..but I was nervous that nothing has shown a full week later, I'm glad I'm not alone!

My score was posted to the limited access application about an hour ago. Took the test on the 9th

Does anyone know around how many people applied this time? I think there were a few no shows on the 10th for the test. Good luck to everyone!

Wow so many replies ! I have been busy haven't had a chance to come online...

Hopefully everyone will get in! Ive read past forums and I also know several previous IRSC RN students and I know people who got in with scores in the 155 range so it really just depends on the pool of applicants the time you apply, I applied in 2016 with a 3.4 GPA and 156 score and didn't get in or even an alternate spot but when I applied then, many people must have scored really high.

Also, the first time i took the NLN I got a 121 - I had no idea what to expect going into it and I barely studied for it, this time I gave myself 4 weeks, studied 5 days/ week, I went through the entire red book, bought the NLN PAX app, did the entire app, made vocabulary flash cards and if there was a topic i did not understand I looked it up on youtube and cliff notes to broaden my knowledge on it... I also bought the practice exams on the NLN website and did all of those, many questions I had were repeats.. I was really surprised when I saw my score because the test was still extremely challenging with all the studying I did.

But good luck to everyone, hopefully any day now we will get the letters - keep checking your student email.

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