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Howdy Texas,

I have visited Texas and Arkansas many times! Love it!

I've just completed the diploma in general nursing here in Ireland, this September i commence the degree for one year.

I hope to travel and work in Houston maybe in 2005. I'm beginging my research in the application process such as the CGFNS, NCLEX exams.

Any tips or insights for me?


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I am from the Texas Panhandle.

If you get a traveling contract, make sure to get all promises in writing, and get in writing that the company will pay your way home if a contract is cancelled.

I did sign up w/ a travel agency that advertised a new grad program. But, I never worked for them, even though contracts were signed. They did not tell the hospital that I was a new grad, requiring a new grad orientation. When I told the hospital (in south Texas), they wanted to cut my pay in half, then told me I would be required to float ER, med-surg and ICU as a new grad! I don't think so. I didn't take the job.

To work at a hospital as a new grad, get as long of a precepted orientation as you can. Several weeks w/ a trained preceptor is best.

Many people in Tx are spanish speaking only. It is helpful to have a print-out of spanish phrases you'll need.

Hope you enjoy living in Texas. Welcome!

Thank you, I have a load of organising before I get there to live but I WILL!!

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Good luck in Texas, Carherine. You will find the weather a little different from what you are used to.


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I took CGFNS, TSE, TOEFL. Hospital paid for everything including immigration papers. Process everything , keep all receipts and the hospital will re-imburse them.


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Cara Catherine,

Conas ta tu? I am an Irish nurse in San Antonio. There are very few natives here (other than religious-loads of them!) under 35. I understand that Dallas is the 4th chosen destination of Irish immigrants to the USA, although many have gone home to ride the tiger as it were. Dallas offers at least as much as Houston (pace Houstonians), although Houston offers a shorter drive to New Orleans.

I worked at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston. The nursing contribution was emphasised but I must tell you that I hated Houston. I found it to be an exceedingly unfriendly place. I went to the same coffee house every day for the 3 months that I lasted but no one ever greeted me-although indeed they recognised me. Nonetheless, Houston does have many things to do and has incredible restaurants.

Do you drive? Texans think nothing of a 50 mile commute. If you are placed in a hospital in suburbia, you'll have to travel many miles quite frequently. Public transportation in most of the USA is woefully inadequate. I would strongly recommend getting a drivers' permit. In the meantime, try to live close to where you will be working (traffic in Houston is horrible). I lived 2 miles from St. Lukes and I could walk to work faster than the cars driving on Holcomb Blvd. The downside is that living near the medical center is very expensive. The newspaper is the Houston Post. You can look at rental ads and such online.

I hope that I don't sound too discouraging. It will be a grand experience for you. The scope of nursing practise is greater in the USA. Write to me if there are specific questions I can answer.


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