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I disagree with TwoYearNurse. I just looked at the blog that zzzz50 referenced and it is one blogpost of many. Perhaps TwoYearNurse did not bother to look any further than the one blogpost but it has links to others and it is very well referenced. It appears to me what the author is getting at in this post is that physician monitoring programs have no meaningful oversight, regulation or transparency. What's wrong with that? He also notes that these programs were presented as an "alternative to discipline" and that this represents a "false-dichotomy" as "abuse can be hidden under a veil of benevolence." He also discusses at length the junk-science tests these physician programs introduced without FDA approval and gives a very credible argument that this "institutional injustice" is related to the marked rise in physician suicide. I don't see anything "fear based" in any of this. Programs should be run by qualified experts and being an addict or alcoholic "in recovery" does not make an expert. It can help in certain cases but can also harm. I also don't see where he is saying that anyone who "diverts" should not be licensed. My take is that he is saying that some of the people who are actually running these programs (such as the one running the PRN in Florida) should not be licensed due to behavior that most people would not commit even under the influence. I agree. I think most people would. I think this should instill fear--it is those bearing gifts and saying nothing is wrong that are the danger here.

IPN PRN all these monitoring agencies in all states are corrupt. How many nurses on this forum have gotten screwed. There is NO ONE to appeal. When IPN makes a mistake and believe me THEY DO. who receives the fallout? YES there should be oversite. They can decide anything they want. They can mandate that ice pick lobotomy is the new" treatment" requirement. That is NOT that far out. They performed the procedure in the office in 1967!!!. it takes numbers people to stop this. Call or write the state auditor. Complain about IPN abuse of power and conflict of interests. There needs to be an investigation. It has to stop.

Health Professionals File Class Action Against HPRP OK ladies and gentlemen. Now it begins. If you live in the state of florida, I highly urge you all to contact this this firm. The case is happening in michigan so florida is waiting and watching to see what happens. The laws apparently are a little different there but its all the same. It may not change the outcomes for those of us in our unfortunate circumstances but it sure may help others down the line. Not only should IPN/PRN/PHPs be held accountable but the laws mandating that hospitals etc. report or coerce self reporting needs an overhaul as well. Not everything is black and white. There should be a paper trail and documentation proving a case of suspicion before DEMANDING an employee drop a urine. An employees refusal to do so DOES NOT prove or disprove they are IMPAIRED. DO NOT and I REPEAT DO NOT EVER submit to a urine test if it incriminates you. Go ahead. Get Fired. Let them report you. Let the DOH investigate. Hire an attorney. Once they have proof of any substance you do not have a prescription for, you are DONE. Do not voluntarily get yourself involved with IPN/PRN/PHPs. They will ruin your life.Be smart. Do not be afraid to fight back. Their power over everyone is holding our livelihoods at stake. That is extortion and THAT is illegal. Keep in mind also that the people inflicting this injustice upon health professionals are HEALTH PROFESSIONALS. Its a war upon its own. Anyone that is seriously in trouble with substances should be able to get the help they deserve WITHOUT FEAR. A health professional who removes themselves from the workplace to privately seek treatment on their own volition is STILL REQUIRED TO SELF REPORT. They are PUNISHED for getting help. Its messed up. Its wrong. I wish I had answers that would be fair to both the public and the individual. These agencies fail to take into account the blast radius of individuals surrounding the one caught in the snare are PART OF THE PUBLIC that are in harms way. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL.