VA in Des Moines Iowa NOW HIRING

  1. Hey guys! I know some of you are looking for work as new grads or just looking for a change. I work at this VA and I love it! The application process takes awhile but it's worth it, the place scale is great! Just thought I'd let people know


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  3. by   lalalalexi
    Hmm...I just checked the VA website and no Des Moines jobs were listed, and I have a friend who works at the VA right now as a nurse and she said she isn't aware of any openings. Are they going to open up positions soon? I'd like to work there.
  4. by   island40
    Keep checking the site - postings stay up for 12 days at least and interviews don't start until the closing date of the post
  5. by   Mr & Mrs VNS
    my wife and i (both lpn right now) are considering relocating to des moines within the near future. we just received out lvn license (or lpn) in texas, but intend to pursue rn asap, so our questions:

    1. what is the job market for rn/lpn like? is it hard to find a job with a new rn license?
    2. what opportunities are there for lpn to continue to rn (like an lpn-rn bridge program)?
    3. are there waiting lists for entrance to these programs?
    4. what is the typical starting salary for rns in des moines?