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    I have a question for any nurses that work or have worked at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics. I'm originally from Texas and currently living in Illinois with my fiance. He grew up in Iowa, and we have been thinking about moving there, I've never been to Iowa and I'm not sure if I would like it or where I would even apply for work at. My fiance tells me University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, would be closest to where we would move to. Could anyone tell me more about this hospital and the area? I've been an LPN for less than a year and have only worked in LTC. I plan on going back to school next fall for my RN, and hopefully continue my education for NP. Any help would be appreciated.

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  3. by   pandora44
    Hi, and welcome back to Iowa. I interviewed at the University for peds right out of school. I didn't get it, and decided to work in Des Moines, instead. A friend of mine from nursing school does work there and loves it. The University has a great reputation here in Iowa, and their pay is, I believe, the highest in the state for RNs. Nice perks, too. If I lived in that part of the state, I wouldn't hesitate to work there. Good luck.
  4. by   EmilyLucille523
    I don't work there but as someone who has been trying to get in as an RN, all I can tell you is that they are not hiring and won't be anytime soon. They just layed off about 200 employees and even though they were not nurses, they have not been replacing the ones that are leaving. The last time I checked the only jobs available were a few in peds ICU and they required recent peds experience or internship. There was one for cardiac monitoring which also required experience.

    I hope by the time you graduate from RN school, they will begin to hire and we can both get jobs there!
  5. by   NCIANurse
    I am currently an LPN in iowa city and will have my RN by december, and I am not even considering them as a potential employer. First, they are on a total hiring freeze and the nurses that do work there are completely overworked and under-appreciated. Second, this hospital runs as a business, not as a caring instituion. I worked there for 2 years as an NA in the OR, and I have never worked anywhere less personal and less accomodating. I was essencially forced out of my full time position when I began nursing school because my nurse manager would not let me drop from 100% to 75%. i was basically told to suck it up, and continue being full time while being a full time student, or quit.
  6. by   island40
    Be prepared to pay for parking and have to take a bus or walk a ways (even in negative 40 degree winter days) to and from work as parking is a premium. THe hiring process for UIHC is long and they just arn't looking right now. A better bet would be the VA hospital across the street. Great benefits, excellent pay (above UIHC and every other hosptial in the area) and still no onsite parking!
    Cedar Rapids is 30 miles away and has 2 hospitals- also on a hiring freeze. Stay in Texas as you have more opportunities for advancement and NO STATE TAX!! Iowa is not as bad as Taxachusettes but it is getting worse with the cost of flood recovery- as a single person I pay $18%
  7. by   lifeisaflowergarden
    I'm not a nurse but I extensively researched the nursing profession and the nursing programs in Iowa and elsewhere, so I'm knowledge about nursing more so than average person who doesn't work in the field. I moved to Iowa City from the Pacific Northwest and I think the University of Iowa is a good place for higher education - I moved here to complete a Master's degree at the University of Iowa - so if you were to earn your RN from the University of Iowa or Kirkwood Community College (Cedar Rapids), I think it would be worth it to move here for educational endeavors. I'm familiar with WI and IL and Iowa is a bit different despite just being next door. Overall, Iowa is too "plain Jane" for me - meaning it is boring and nothing to do here. The one bright spot is Iowa City - but if you were to live in Cedar Rapids, you would have a different experience. Although just 30 miles north, Cedar Rapids is too family oriented and religious for my tastes. I am single, though, - but even if I were in a relationship, which I doubt to begin with b/c there are no college-level educated men who do not subscribe to organized religion in Cedar Rapids and the ones in Iowa City are all taken, there is still not much to do even in Iowa City for young, educated people. It sounds like you are on your way to becoming college-educated, so my recommendation would be, if you were to move to Iowa, to use Iowa to get your nursing education but move on after that. I consider Iowa City and Cedar Rapids to be pretty livable and that's not to be under-valued when completing any type of higher education. The one downside for you will be establishing residency if you want to take advantage of in-state tuition at the University of Iowa, which takes a year while not enrolled for more than a few credits at any college. If you're going to pursue your RN through a four-year program, just make sure to get a LPN job during the first year so it doesn't look like you moved to Iowa for higher education. Or, you could just pay the out-of-state rate at a community college. At Kirkwood Community College, there's not much a difference for the out-of-state-rate. Whatever you decide to do, keep this in mind: your career matters just as much as your partner's. Too often I've read posts by women who are moving around the country to follow their husband or fiance's career - how about your career?
  8. by   efy2178
    "Although just 30 miles north, Cedar Rapids is too family oriented and religious for my tastes. I am single, though, - but even if I were in a relationship, which I doubt to begin with b/c there are no college-level educated men who do not subscribe to organized religion in Cedar Rapids and the ones in Iowa City are all taken, there is still not much to do even in Iowa City for young, educated people."

    WOW. Don't agree with that! I grew up on Long Island and have lived in the Cedar Rapids area now for 30 years. I have graduated from University fo Iowa with my BSN and MSN and NP. I would nto call Cedar Rapids "boring". It is family oriented and I don't see that as a bad thing. My kids go to great schools, there are wonderfult restaurants and my husband and I go out every Friday night for skating, bowling, ball games or get togethers with friends. It is what you make of it. Also, the cost is much better than you would see in a big city.
    If you are comtemplating a better education you can't go wrong with UI. The prices are better in mid-west. If when you are done with scholl you desire a more exciting social life then move. If you decide to settle down, you can't do it in a btter place. ...and I am not the only out of stater to feel that way.
  9. by   lifeisaflowergarden
    I didn't say she wouldn't get a great education at the UI. You say you lived in Cedar Rapids for 30 years, so obviously you are not a "starter" in the year 2010. The wonderful restaurants you are talking about are all a bunch of chain restaurants. Cedar Rapids IS a very boring place for single people or couples with no kids. Who cares about affordability if you're bored out of your mind? Yeah, houses are cheaper here but not rents. Apartment complexes in place in Cedar Rapids charge WAY too much.
  10. by   MollyIA7
    Hi, I'm needing to interview an ICU nurse or someone that has held that position for a finals project. I'm a pre-nursing student going for PICU RN. I'm not sure if you live in Iowa, but I live in Iowa City and would need to do a person-to-person interview. If you would be interested, or if you know someone of this position I could interview, that would be amazing.
  11. by   Maladroit
    I have my undergrad degree from the University of Iowa and worked at the hospital there for 3 years while going to school. I have a ton of friends that were/are nurses there. The hospital IS a teaching hospital and very heavily focus on just that, therefore it can seem cold to some, i'm sure. The nurses that stayed after the hiring freeze were SOOOO overworked and yeah, a bit unappreciated, but it's not normally like that. The pay for nurses is VERY good. However, on the aspect of going back to school...Iowa is VERY competetive and wait lists are there. It might be worth your while to look at Cedar Rapids for RN programs...I know Mercy is very good. I'm not saying you can't handle the Iowa program, but if you're new to the area and working as well, it'll be tougher than it could be. I know Kirkwood has an alright RN program, too. Also, housing in Iowa City is kinda...iffy. Parties are frequent and annoying if you're living near campus and not into that mindset your self. If you are unfortunate enough to work on a football saturday, good luck getting to the hospital AT ALL!!! All available parking spaces for a mile or more are always taken. I am in Chicago in an ABSN program and will be returning to Iowa City to work as a L&D nurse hopefully at UIHC or Mercy. I LOVE IOWA CITY and am a HUGE hawkeye fan! I'm just saying, it's not a town for everyone. It's the epitome of a college town. Good luck!