Mercy Iowa City

  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone is working for or ever been to Mercy Medical Center in Iowa City. Any input about this hospital would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   NeosynephRN
    I had my first baby husband had knee surgery there and a few of my friends have accepted a postition there...what do you want to know?
  4. by   Onin2
    I did my senior preceptorship there. It is a nice hospital. Pay isomewhat lower than other local hospitals.
  5. by   purple_rose_3
    Are you willing to tell me how much they start RN's out at?
  6. by   NeosynephRN
    MY girlfriend is starting there next a new grad she is getting 19.80/hr...but is getting a raise in July. I do not remember the exact amount of her raise.
  7. by   tammyfayern
    I worked at Mercy for a little over a year on the medical floor. Over all Mercy is a very nice Hospital. The floor I worked on was hard and I worked night shift so what they considered enough staff was not and was a very hard floor. we only worked with 1 CNA for average of 25 pts which meant RNs did much of the CNAs job. I usually left each day with a achy back and feeling like I was not preforming my duties as a nurse because of doing the basic ADL care. all that aside it is a very friendly hospital and I felt that the other staff really cared about each other. I did leave there for a better position at the VA in Iowa city. As far as pay, I felt that I was paid very well and actually make less per hour at the VA. but the benefits at Mercy are not nearly as good as at the VA which is why I changed. Also it is much harder to get a day postion at Mercy. hope this helps. Oh also I am not a new grad and started at mercy with 16 years experience.
  8. by   Onin2
    Mercy Iowa City is a terrible hospital. I would not take my dogs there for treatment. The administration is corrupt, they lie to patients, family members and employees, they encourage the falsification of charting to increase revenue and cover up malpractice by their MD's.The docs have no respect for nurses they are frequently verbally abusive. This abuse is okay with the nursing management and they blame the nurses for the MD's behavior. Many of the RN's are habitual narcotics abusers, the nurse managers look the other way because they are willing to work for low pay. Do yourself a favor and NEVER take a family member there for their health care needs.
  9. by   NCIANurse
    My family has gone to mercy for years, and I am a nursing student in my last semester doing my preceptorship there.

    In terms of nursing work, this is the hospital where I've noticed that the nurses do far more "CNA" work than any other area hospital. However, the nurses seem to have a much better grasp on their patients, know them better, do better assessments, ect.

    I do know their pay is somewhat lower than say, UIHC, and they do not offer the free healthcare insurance that the U does, but there are many other benifits such as WAYYYY cheap food (ie: 20 oz soda, scrambled eggs, bacon and 2 buscuits and gravy = 2.00!) where as at UIHC a grilled cheese costs that much. Also, parking is much easier (UIHC = 19.00/month at the cheapest).

    I think mercy overall has a much "homier" feeling, not like an institution.