Lost new graduate moving to Iowa

  1. Hi, everybody! I REALY need your advise, because I'm completely lost at this point.
    I'm new graduate from RN program, AZ. I don't have RN-license yet. But I do have LPN license (in Arizona). I have 8 month experience in long-term care facility. In the current moment I'm separating from my husband and plan to go with my child to Iowa, Des Moines area (Johnson, Urbandale, ect...) to my relatives.

    There are my questions:
    1. AZ and IA are compact states. How will I be able to exchange my AZ LPN license to IA? I looked at IA state board web, but found information for NON-compact states. I even don't know where to start.
    2. What is LPN salaries range in Des Moines area?
    3. Could you recommend me a place where to work? I had never been in Iowa; and my relatives are in the process of moving to Iowa too. So, I have nobody to ask advise except you, experienced Iowa nurses of Allnurses.com.

    I'm frastruated and lost right now: marriage problems on the top of problems with moving/finding job/settling down make me realy overwhelmed.

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  3. by   NeosynephRN
    First...I am sorry for all that is going on in your life...second welcome to Iowa. OK as far as getting the lisence switched over...I would just call the Iowa BON...they seem pretty helpfull...are you going to take your RN NCLEX?? The pay for LPN's have a wide range here..in hospital, which is not as easy to find they do not get paid that much..I think around 12-14 dollars an hour. In LTC it can be considerably more. DesMoines itself has 3-4 hospitals. Mercy, Lutheren, Blank Childrens, and man I think there is another but I cannot remember. I would check their websites...and also the Des Moines Register...is the paper..you could look jobs up on their site too. When I lived in Des Moines...We actually moved to a town named Grimes..it is north of Urbandale by like 5-6 miles..much much cheaper...Urbandale is an expensive place to live. Let me know if you need anything else...I am not sure this was very helpfull..
  4. by   Marynochka
    Calla2114, thank you very much for your reply!
    Anwering your questions:
    I did contact Iowa BON, they are sending me a package of docs for license change. They also give me 30 day in Iowa to wark with my AZ license, which is a great news!
    I'm going to take my NCLEX-RN in Iowa in the end of the summer: now I do not have any stamina and energy for studing.
    I appreciate your information about hospitals. Well, then I'll probably will apply in some LTC (can you reccomend me some?), if they'll give me good medical & dental coverage. During the second year of nursing school I worked in LTC. I also think about VA hospital, Department of Correction, maybe military facility (as a civilian). I'll definetely check newspapers.
    We'll live in Urbandale. I know it's expensive, but schools for kids are exelent. I'm gonna reduce my expenses, because my sister and I will be renting the place together.
    Thanks again for your post!
  5. by   Summer69
    Go to Craigs list for housing-some reasonalble apartments are listed there.
    As for jobs-Bishop Drumm in Johnston is wonderful. Also there is the Madrid Home in Madrid Iowa about 20 miles for DM. Good benefits. You might want to try agency work until you see the lay of the land( good vs bad). I know there is Nurse finders in Des Moines. They are a national chain and do have a web sight for info
  6. by   island40
    Your AZ license is good enough to get a job but after you get an IA mailing address you have 30 days to get the application in (and the fee) for an IA license. Good thing that IA is cheaper than AZ.

    I went to school at Cochise Community College and worked in Sierra Vista for 15 years before moving to IA. I can't wait until my son graduates HS next year so that I can return!!

    The wages all over IA are on the low end of the country's range. Des Moines is no different. You will not get paid extra for a BSN or any certification unless you are extremely lucky.

    Since you don't know any place here. I would urge you to take a travel job for starters. That way if you can scope out the area and different jobs available while you are getting a paycheck.

    Bienvenitos!!! (p.s. if you speak spanish you will still get to use it here.
  7. by   Marynochka
    Quote from island40
    ...I went to school at Cochise Community College and worked in Sierra Vista for 15 years before moving to IA. I can't wait until my son graduates HS next year so that I can return!!....
    Wow! I graduated from the same college. A i lived in Sierra Vista for 5 years. I miss Arizone teriibly. Although, not exited about Sierra Vista itself. I already have RN IA license. Having a hard time to get hired in hospitals. They are SO slow! I started working in nursing home. My RN salary is $20, which is less than LPN salary in Arizona.