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CCM wrote:"Somehow I don't think I'll have to worry. I've already been told by most of the facilities around here that they would never admit me because I'm so noncompliant!" End quote.

As the KING (of Burgers) said "Have It Your Way"!!!!

I am the worlds worst patient- in the same vein. My son was in the hospital and I didn't care for the treatment and let them know- post-op still dizzy and not yet standing he got meds without a cup of water, I asked the nurse for water and was told- Get it for him yourself (I had no cup or I would have- I had to search far and wide for a cup and ended up stealing one from the nurses room - for which I got yelled at as well)

On Preop- there were other problems as well and I am sure they are still talking about me - the nurse prepped the wrong leg for surgery!!! When I showed her, she said- no, her instructions were to prep the other leg- what does she care. I will not return to that hospital!!!

We are off track here- but CCM- I hear you!!!

Soory, but thanks for the laugh, I am so terrible when certain members of my family are hospitalized the nurses fight "not" to be assigned to my loved ones care. Ofcourse, the nurses who do take care of them are usually ones with experience, do a good basic job with the care, and are not afraid to call a doctor when it is needed. That is the my objective in being a witch. Have a great day.

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