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Any ideas on invitation websites where they are cheap?


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You mean for weddings? Check on google, that's how I found mine. I signed up for several catalogues and got the same invitation I found at a printer's for considerably less.


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don't know of anyway websites, but there is a program that can be purchased and downloaded to your computer...called broderbund...I did a friend invitations to her daughters high school graduation...came out really nice.


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I used the Broaderbund one for my wedding! Excellent and easy to use! best friend went on E-Bay and found them very cheep and they were gorgeous (and could be personalized!!)! She saved enough money that she was able to buy tissue paper inserts and these little tiny mini cowboy hat cutouts (western theme) to put into the invitations making them all that more whimsicle and fun! You opened the invite and all these sparkling cowboy hat cutouts and glitter sprinkled was soooooooo cute!

Then she printed off postcard style RSVP notes on her computer (printshop program like mine) and pre-addressed and stamped them so people just had to drop it in the mail. She made them so easy...simply a yes box and number of people space...or 'sorry, but can't attend but our thoughts and wishes are with you!' box for those that couldn't come. Now, who doesn't have the time to check off a box, write a number..and drop it into a mail box???

I think all and all for 160 invitations it cost her around 75 bucks!!!!!!!! Thank you E-bay for that one!

This can go for weddings, or even Graduation announcements which I know are going to be needed now for some of you wonderful graduating nurses!!!! :)!



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Sorry guys, I meant for my graduation for LVN program. Not a wedding-heck NO!!:p :p

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