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Hello everyone. I just got accepted into Nursing school and have a paper that I have to sign stating that I give my permission for an investigative consumer report. Being already in Nursing school, I thought maybe some of you could help me out and explaining to me what this is. Thanks in advance! I need to get these papers signed and handed in but I just want to know what I am signing.....


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No, it is more detailed as we tried to explain earlier on another post you made. It is a criminal background check, financial background check, personal relationships (references from present/past employers), MVR (motor vehicle report) check. They look at all areas of your life like this to see if you are "responsible." For example.....There are people who can have average to good credit yet get speeding tickets every week. There are employers who see this very thing as someone who is not responsible in all areas of their lives. They contact past employers and get your reference information you gave them and contact those people as well and ask them whatever they deem necessary to ask. It is way more intrusive than a normal background or credit check.


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It also gives the company the right to knock on neighbors doors and ask any personal questions they want about your lifestyle-whether or not what others have to say about you is true or not. You can cross off parts of what you will permit and restrict information obtained to "that which is relevant to the position". I have done that many times without problems. I am usually told that they don't do the full investigative report anyway; and, my answer is that although they don't do it, the company they contract with would be given permission to invade my privacy. Also, look for the provision that releases everyone from any liability for the information obtained and provided. Add a little something to say "providing the information is verified for accuracy, completeness and truth". Be sure to initial next to each modification you make. If the intent of the background check is honorable, ethical companies will not question your amendments to exclude invading your privacy way beyond what is needed for the position you are applying for. By any chance are you in North Texas? Group One loves to get that type of information on you to have it for a marketable database on you (means that what information they get, they charge future information seekers money to see it). Please be careful what you sign because you may find that years later something comes back to bite you in the @ss; and, you will not be able to do anything about it because years earlier you signed away your legal rights.

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