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Hi all our instructor gave us some invasive and non-invasive measures for respiratory care pts.She told us to go home and find out all we can about when they are used.She said use any methods necessary be it books internet or ask a nurse so i have come to allnurses for some help on this.I am also doing my own searching but would appreciate any assistance you guys can give.Thanks.


1. positioning

2. chest percussions

3. deep breathing and coughing exercises

4. steam inhalation

5. oxygen therapy

6. nebulization


1. endotracheal intubation

2. mechanical vetilation

3. assisting with passage of tracheostomy tubes

4. tracheal suctioning

5. chest drainage

Non-invasive: elevating Head of Bed (could also be considered positioning), pulse oximetry, ambulation...

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there are weblinks to information on most of your invasive and some of your non-invasive procedures listed on post #13 of this sticky thread: - any good iv therapy or nursing procedure web sites and i suspect that the there are weblinks to the others on this sticky thread as well: - health assessment resources, techniques, and forms. i was thinking that the american thoracic society has a number of online teaching pamphlets for parents. this is what is available in their current patient education series: this is what they have on mechanical ventilation: it is sometimes nice to look at what is written for patients because it is written in easy to understand language.

medline plus also has great teaching and learning weblinks. i started doing a search of some of your non-invasive topics on their website and got hits right away:

non-invasive measures:

1. chest percussions

3. deep breathing and coughing exercises - i gave the directions for deep breathing and coughing exercises in this post some months ago:

4. steam inhalation - this is the warming of fluids and then breathing it in (like a vaporizer). danger is in getting the liquid too hot and causing burns to the internal respiratory tissues which is why most vaporizers use cool steam these days. people used to heat up pots of water put a towel over their head and the pot and breathe the steam in. sometimes they would add herbs and stuff to the water.

don't forget to use your medical dictionary. the links listed on this thread are also a great source where you can find information: - medical disease information/treatment/procedures/test reference websites. it initially came from an lpn school website and i've added considerably to it.

Thanks so much.

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