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I just got my syllabus for my 6-wk English Comp II class- and boy, do I feel intimidated! It's been 10 years since I graduated high school, so I havent written a paper in what feels like FOREVER! And since this is an accelerated class, I have a paper due every week!

What have I gotten myself into?? :uhoh3:


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Did you take English Comp I?

If your school has a writing center be sure to take advantage of it... they can be a great help (though that definitely depends on the school). Also, if your professor allows you to submit drafts prior to the due date, do that, too, to get his/her feedback so your final papers will be the best they can be. I'm sure by the end of the course you'll be a paper-writing whiz!


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Hey jr,

Don't feel intimidated, you will get through it. Take it from someone who has been there!! I was out of school for 18 years when I started college, and of course, English was the 1st thing that I had to take. Let me say that in HS, I did not pass 1 paper. Not a term paper, not a research paper nor even an essay. I passed just so they could get me out of there!!! I was too busy partying and hanging out with my friends to do any work!!! But, there is a silver lining! I got my stuff together, and the very first paper that I had to do, I made a 100 on it! I ended up with A's in both Eng I and II and just finished taking World Lit as a Humanities, where I aced it, also! The 2 English classes were online, and on top of taking 4 other classes plus working full time, we had assignments every night, plus an essay to write every week. I freaked when I first saw the syllabus, but I got with it and stayed on top of the assignments. If you can stay on top of things and not get behind on the reading, you can get through it. Good luck~


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I remember feeling intimidated with every syllabus I had in my hand at the start of each semester. So, take a deep breath and break it down into pieces rather than looking at the whole right now since that can be very overwhelming. I agree you should get help from any writing lab that may be available on campus...arciedee and Laura have some great pointers so take heed of that. I was out of school 20 years and somehow muddled through college and did well. So, it can be done.

I agree..every semester I feel intimidated by the syllabus. Then I take it one class and one assignment at a time and somehow it always works out.

Did you take English Comp I?

i went to a business school right after high school and had lots of business english classes. my credits did not transfer, but i was able to CLEP out of English Comp I. i almost wish i hadnt done that, though, because then i would feel a little more prepared for this!

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