Interviewed once, want to interview again


Quick one, I think. About a year ago, I interviewed for a job I really wanted. The facility was a long drive away and the employer suggested a phone interview; I agreed. The interview went well -- until it didn't. I was asked a question that I couldn't think of a good answer to, that got me very nervous and I bombed. It was obvious that I was crashing and burning and it seemed to me that the interviewers (there were two of them) were sympathetic, but as it was a structured interview, there was no flexibility in the script.

The job is being advertised again (or still, not sure which). Even though my working experiences have been minimal in the past year (2 weeks as a summer camp nurse, 2 months as a Mollen flu shot nurse), I actually had some great "learning experiences" and want to reapply. My question is, in my cover letter should I say I interviewed a year ago and would like another chance. Or should I just apply and hope they do not remember me? For what it's worth, I have a very unusual last name. (So unusual there's only 3 of us in the world, as far as I can tell.) The nursing manager is the same as last year.

What do you all think? Chances are they interview so many people they won't remember me. But if they do I expect they would just chuck my resume in the bin straightaway.


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In my opinion, I would not state in my cover letter that I interviewed there before. In the first place, it wouldn't look good because you obviously weren't hired in the first place, and second your cover letter should focus on your achievements.

Your work experiences may not have been long, but talk about what you gained from them i.e. leadership, working under pressure, learning experiences as a camp nurse or working in a clinic just to name a few. Emphasize your work experiences as it should be the highlight of your cover letter.

It does not matter if your manager remembers you or not. All that matters is that you didn't give up even after 2 years, you still want the position. That is what I call dedication and determination.

Beside, its been 2 years. I don't even remember what the heck I was doing or who I talked to. :rolleyes: Gluck!

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Well, it was actually almost a year ago; I interviewed on 1/31/2011 to be exact. And I've got that weird last name. But for all I know they interview thousands; and while my failure blazes bright in my memory, perhaps I was just one of many and they won't remember me. I expect most hiring managers would not knowingly re-interview a failed candidate, so that's probably my answer.

Off to write that spectacular cover letter!


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I would re-apply, if you really want to work there it can't hurt to try again. They may not even remember you, even with an unusual last name. Good luck to you!


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I actually got a job that I really wanted on second interview after I never got a response from first one for about months!

After first interview, and after nervously waiting for months, I noticed the position was posted again on their web site. Went ahead and applied. Got a response that time, stating they would like to see me again for second interview.

A few days later my interview, I got a phone call and I was offered the position.

Turns out they wanted me to come into second interview to begin with, however, there was a change in management or something thus interview process was delayed, they said.

Thus, I would say you still have a chance and I would think that they might appreciate the fact that you are really interested! One of things they said was they were impressed that I did my research and showed that I was very interested.