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Hello all! Just got the call this morning and I have a scheduled interview next monday! I am very excited and nervous. I have never had an interview like this before. Can anyone give me any advice or pointers on how to prepare for my interview? Also any tips on how to dress would be great too! Thanks!

First Congrats on the interview!! It's hard to tell someone not to be nervous because I know I was as well when I had my interview. I would suggest dress professional. I am not sure how your school is so I can only tell you what happened in my interview. The instructor met with me and asked that I bring in my letters of reference, school transcripts etc. She asked me why I wanted to be a nurse and why I felt I would be a good fit as an LPN. It almost felt like a job interview however once I sat down and she spoke to me about her background in the medical field I felt more at ease. I let her know why I wanted to be a nurse and what I had done prior to applying to the program. Be honest, make eye contact and know that you got an interview which means you are a candidate for the program, which is wonderful. Sorry I don't have much more for you. Best of luck

Thank you so much!!!

Be very confident, answer the questions your interviewer poses you very concisely. Smile, be very personable, establish a rapport with you interviewer. It is VERY likely you will interact highly with them throughout the program. But remember to remain professional. And try to avoid colloquialisms. I interviewed and was accepted the same day and got my letter by Friday by trying to stick to this script and be myself also! Like our peer said, you earned this interview and you have every right to be accepted into the program! You can do it! Good luck!!!

Congrats on your interview and this is what I did on my interview hopefully it will work for you to:

Dress professional as if this was a job interview

Look them in their eyes

sit up straight body language says a lot

If you have any nursing/medical experiences such as votech, volunteering, any degrees, medical assisting, etc, make a binder and look organized

bring any clearances and cpr cards if any

if they as you what are your weaknesses, make those weaknesses into positives,

and pray before you go in good luck :)

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