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Interview tips for someone who is shy

I've been job hunting for a month now, and I've had 3 interviews, but still no job offer. I think it's because I don't know what to do in an interview. I get really shy and nervous and freeze up which causes me to lose the job. Can you all give me tips on how to get through an interview? This will be my first job as an LVN after graduating from nursing school and passing my nclex.

Practice in the mirror or with a friend answering the usual interview questions (Google them if you don't know)..... Research the company and the job..... Look em in the eye.... Firm handshake..... Brush your teeth...😳Dress professionally......bring any and all paperwork (resume, license, certifications), and most of all ...smile😄!!!!

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I would suggest calling your career center from your school and see if they can do a mock interview or ask someone in your life that you do not feel at ease around to ask you the tough questions to make it feel more realistic.

Good idea about asking your school career center.

If that isn't possible (or even if they do help) before I was a nurse and couldn't get hired for secretarial jobs I called the person who had interviewed me, said I was a career counselor for "brownbook", and wanted to know how she did on the interview, what area she needed to improve on,why she wasn't considered for the job, etc.

Got some good ideas and got the next job I interviewed for.

I'm not a Nurse yet but I've always been a great on interviews. Being nervous and freaking out is normal but you have to just think of it like this if i present myself well and get this done with the hard part is over. Is your resume' great? I've noticed having a portfolio with all of your related accomplishments and experience is great then you won't have to talk as much because they will be amazed and busy looking so that buys you time to get comfortable. I always say practice personality questions like tell me about yourself, something your really good at and something you need improvement on and if given a scenario tell what you would do basically testing your ethics and morals. Always have a question at the end never say no! and learn as much as you can about the person or the facility prior to interview it shows interest. Practice with a former instructor if they have time or as previously stated someone your not too comfortable around that will actually point out your flaws for correction. I personally have never sent a thank you card because I can just about tell if I got a job or not but because your lacking in the confidence department when it comes to interviewing send a thank you card. Just because you may not verbally stand out you have to find other ways to be noticed over other candidates.

Hope this is helpful


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