I have an interview on Tuesday and I'm wondering if I should have my letters of recommendations ready to give to the interviewer or should I just wait for her to ask me for them at a later time? I k ow I should bring a copy of my resume but not sure about the letters of recomendations.

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Check out the Nursing Job Search Assistance site here!

Lots of good advice I could have used! I would bring anything and everything I had prepared for in my job search, including transcripts and proof of licensure. You never know what the interviewer will ask for.

Best of luck! Let us know how it goes.


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Bring copies of everything that make you the 'BEST' applicant and just give it all to your interviewer. They'll just add it to the app.

If you have any certs, certificates of CEUs, CPR, etc.

Some folk call it a portfolio - it's like your professional life all rolled up into a binder.

Thanks for the advice! I didn't get this interview. I was denied when she reread my resume and found out I am a new grad but I had another interview Monday and am now employed!