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I'm graduating in 3 weeks with a BSN from a univeristy in the Atlanta, Ga metropolitan region. I currently have a job offer at a hospital I work for here however, I strongly desire a change of scenery being that I lived here for 5 years now. I have been thinking about Houston, Texas for the last two years, but I have not visited as of yet. I applied for the new graduate program at St.Luke's about two weeks ago and received a call to come in for an interview next Friday. So, a few friends and I are planning a roadtrip to visit the city and for me to also do my interview next week. I have a few questions. What is Houston like? I know it is huge and spread out but does it have a nice, modern, urban appeal to it? I am a fan of crowds so I do not desire to live in a small town and prefer places that are more dense in population than Atlanta. I like shops, fashion, nice restaurants, and the welcoming atmosphere for singles looking to find a relationship. Pretty much give me your input about Houston, please. What is St.Luke's like for anyone that has worked there or been a patient. Is the technology up to date on the units? Are the new graduate programs beneficial for getting nurses prepared for the working world? Anything great and not so great would be helpful in pointing out for this hospital.


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Houstonian here & glad to answer questions about the city I love. I am assuming that you are referring to St. Lukes in The Medical Center (TMC) rather than one of the St. Luke's satellite facilities in other areas of the city. FYI, TMC employees have to park in remote lots and take shuttle buses to their facilities - didn't know if someone already told you about that. Overall, St. Luke's has a stellar reputation.

Houston is (in the grand scheme of things) very modern due to the fact that it is continually growing. The original/oldest parts of the city are rapidly being reclaimed by people moving back into the center of the city... new townhouses & condos replacing the original structures. There are plenty of rental options & moderate-priced housing that cater to TMC workers. Some apt complexes tend to attract students or people from similar nationalities. For instance, there is an area referred to as "kangaroo alley" due to the large number of Aussies and Kiwis that live there - very fun crowd. So, housing should not be a problem.

We're not big on public transportation, so a car is a must. Climate-wise, we really do have 4 seasons: Almost summer, Summer, Still Summer, and Christmas. (sorry, old joke) Summer weather will probably be similar to the Atlanta area, but our winters are much milder - seldom have more than 3 or 4 'freezes' that last a few hours at a time. We are known for heavy rainfalls, especially in tropical storm / hurricane season. Air conditioning keeps makes life bearable in the summer.

If you like shopping, you'll LOVE Houston. From "don't-even-ask-the-price" designers to off price outlets . . it's all here.

We have a very vibrant performing arts community - actually have more theater seats than Chicago - large central theater district as well as many thriving community venues. Clubs with live music, our own symphony and ballet company . . etc.

Hope your visit is fun. Let us know if you need any specific information about Houston.

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So how did your interview go? I also interviewed for the St Luke's medical center new grad program...I was told to send them my official transcript and two clinical instructor evaluations. I did so the day after my interview, and have not heard anything yet. how about you? or anyone else??

I also have been interviewing with St. Lukes in Houston for thier fall 2012 new grad RN. I just graduated in May 2012 with a BSN at a school in Phoenix, Arizona. The job hunt for new grads is terrible out here and I have had to look outside of Arizona. I have been interviewing over the phone and have not had the chance to go to Houston but have heard great things about the city. hope your interview went well MariahCareyizQUEEN!. I was hoping that Houston's cost of living was even better than Phoenix. But from what I have seen the apartments near the hospital are very expensive. I pay $800 now for a brand new townhouse in a very nice area. Any advice HouTx on areas that are nice and reasonably priced. How is traffic out there?

dpb425 -- How did your interview go? If you don't mind a commute, you'll find cheaper apartments looking outside the Houston city limits.

modernhippie - did you have to send those things after the first interview?

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