Interview questions: What do you ask?

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I have an interview today and I'm finishing up my list of things to ask. I'm always looking for more ideas of things to bring up, so please fire them at me.

I asked about patient ratios, how long orientation was, if there was any type of loan repayment, if the preceptor chose to be a preceptor or if they just got assigned to it, how scheduling was done (if we were able to pick our shifts or if they were assigned.)

This has some really good ones Nursing Interview Questions | Monster

Specializes in Emergency; med-surg; mat-child.

That's a great list, thanks!

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Also, inquire about opportunities to become involved in the process(es) that shape nursing practice &/or policy decisions. . . like practice councils, shared governance, etc. As a hiring manager, I know for a fact that this would provide a strong signal that you have a professional outlook, rather than a task-oriented "blue collar" one. Managers are always keen to hire nurses who can actually contribute more value than simply be a warm body.

Good luck!!!

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