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Interview question

by Sav4u Sav4u Member

Hello everyone can I get some input and opinions on how to answer a question like this "If you were told by your charge nurse to DO something that you know or feel is not right how would you handle the situation?" Thanks people!

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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That's a very sloppy and (IMO) worthless question. Anyone can ramble on to provide just the "right" response. My organization utilizes behavioral interviewing... so we would express the question as "Tell me about a time when a supervisor has asked you to do something that you know or feel is not right" This changes the question from the level of opinion or conjecture "I would", to one that actually provides insight into the individual's performance.

If you are presented with that type of question feel free to embroider and elaborate... painting a wonderful image of the perfect nurse - LOL. "I would tell the charge nurse that this is a violation of my nurse practice act and suggest some alternative approaches that would be more congruent with my approved scope of practice"

Agreed houtx!


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Not a great question -

If I KNEW something was not right - I would respectfully question the request from the charge nurse. I wouldn't do something that I know wasn't right.

If I FELT it was not right - I would look into it further, before doing anything.