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I am currently in the process of interviewing for another job -

my question: Is it ok to wear a uniform/scrubs to an interview?

The other day I had no choice because I was coming straight from work, I had already mentioned this to the HR person and she said that was fine, alot of nurses do that.

Just wondered if this is acceptable? I really don't have a buisness suit to wear or the money to spend, I do have prefessional attire but its not perfect either? I have friends that say its usually not a big deal unless its a administrative type posn. Just need some feedback, it still feels strange to me - but hey if consensus is ok I'm sure not complaining!

Now to find the perfect job!........:D


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Having interviewed dozens of nurses the thing that i looked at most was if they presented themselves well. I am not sure what kind of scrubs you are referring to. ( I know one nurse manager who only allows traditional scrubs and can't imagine anyone even thinking of wearing the trendy prints on her unit.)

Think about the image you want to convey. If you are coming from work and need to wear scrubs i would make sure that the interviewer understands that. If you have sloppy scrubs i'd not advise wearing them. If an interviewee showed up in scrubs it wouldn't bother me. It would bother me more if she showed up looking cheap in nice clothes.

Make sure you look neat and clean. I'd discourage crazy fingernails and body piercing (believe it or not some people don't know this) Be on time. Make sure you bring a copy of your CV. Have a couple of questions prepared to ask. Smile

Good luck.

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I've also done a lot of interviewing and agree with EastCoast. For most positions, scrubs would be acceptable, but they should be nice ones that present a positive professional image. Working in a children's hospital, the prints etc. are culturally fine here. However, for an interview, I would stay away from anything that a more conservative person might feel was inappropriate.

And be sure the rest of you (hair, shoes, etc.) are pulled together well and give a good impression.


I would take a second (clean) lab coat in order to change after work. That way you look clean and pressed and professional without evidence of lunch (or worse) being visible.


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eastcoast writes: "I'd discourage crazy fingernails and body piercing (believe it or not some people don't know this) "

You must conduct VERY thorough interviews!


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Believe it or not I am a huge fan of body piercing but in general I just think that the number of people that are older and that we care for don't really have the same feeling.

I should have added (so i would really worry you ) that if you are a male a Tshirt underneath your scrubs is a good idea too.

Overall Sjoe i am thinking you were gently poking fun cuz i sound like such a prude. ;)


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oops double post

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I have interviewed tons of people who wore scrubbs and I did not bat an eye.


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