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Hello, I'm a new RN and now in the process of job hunting. I have an interview in Oncology for the New Grad Program. Could anyone please share with me suggestions. Why did you choose Oncology Nursing? What are some of your challenges? What do you like and dislike about Oncology? How do you cope with stress of the job? Thank you. I appreciate your help. :)


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I don't have any suggestions as I am still a student, but I did want to say Hello and Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Thanks Hidi74! Great you are going for Nursing! How long do you have to go? You can do it!


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I am still completing all of my non-nursing curriculum. I should be applying for the program in the spring! Yipeeeeee!!!!!!!

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Hi there,

I'll be in the same boat as you in a few months. I'm the only one in my class of 30 that is interested in Oncology. Last semester my clinicals were primarily on an ortho/oncology floor and this semester I requested an outpatient cancer center. It was an absolutely wonderful experience.

Part of the reason I want to go into Oncology is the way I have been touched by some of the cancer pts. I've taken care of. There is just something "special" about them. Their views and outlook, strength and courage amazes me. I really have a hard time putting it into words...what exposure I've had has been a truly humbling experience for me.

So I guess I really don't have any advice to offer, but I just want to wish you good luck. Keep us posted!!!

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I started as a new grad on a BMT unit and I loved it!



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I went into oncology by accident, I originally wanted peds, but alas there were no positions open on that unit. There was however an oncology opening and so I took it knowing nothing about what I was getting myself into. 5 years and two hospitals later I am still in oncology and loving it. I can't imagine doing anything else. Currently I am working BMT which sees a smaller division of oncology patients but it is so great working with the same patients everyday and getting involoved with their families.


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I started on an Oncology unit 18 years ago and spent 7 years there. It is the best place to learn about the whole patient. Cancer affects every aspect of their lives. Not only psych-soc but every major organ system. The Oncologist need to work with the entire patient, not just a system. The patients are the best. They are so caring, supportive and loving. More than any other area I have worked in. I worked ICU and the ED and curently work in the Onc office as a chemo nurse and I believe I have once again found my nitch. Give it a try and you too might stay for a few or ten years.


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Oncology nursing is much challenging; you have to use knowledge from physiologic as well as psychological nursing. Also my experience is that its very "familioriented" or working with social network. Oncology nursing is not "only the Canser-patient", but you can choose acute critical care with high doses treatment with chemo/bonetranspl. f.ex., or you can choose radiation therapy, or palliativ care. Also it depends on what kind of canser the patient have: My exp. is mostly with sarcoma patients , and therefore many children/teenages and there family. They are going thrue a 40 weeks VERY hard program with chemo in high doses, and its a loot of nursing challenges. I have to say that I am glad that I had 6 years of general hospital training in medical/surg. nursing before I started working with theese patients. But, I think, the most importent thing, whatever you choose, is to be MOTIVATED AND INTERESTED IN DOING NURSING FOR THE PATIENT IN FRONT OF YOU. Despite his/her age, problem, needs or what ever.

Follow your interests!


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Hello again!

If you are asking about the stress working in my unit, please have a look of my writing about the tread "canser patiens who dies". The work can be very hard, even you are "old in business". The day you loose your emotiens, mayby you should ask someone to tell you what is happening.. Yes. In period, there are a loot of strees.

Tell me about what you wanted to do in nursing!! As I said: motivatien means a loot!!

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