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I'm supposed to interview a quality nurse expert in infection control for a paper, but all the nurses I've emailed haven't responded or answered my calls! I'm getting a bit desperate since I want to finish the paper by Friday. Is there anyone that could answer these questions for me before Friday??

I was hoping to learn about you and your job. Your credentials, time in current position, major responsibilities, direct reports and your operational budget? Also does your department have a strategic plan in relationship to any one of these core nursing competencies?

Patient-centered care



Systems-based practice

Informatics and technology


Teamwork and collaboration


Quality improvement

Evidence-based practice



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Welcome to all nurses I see you just joined. Be aware that on this anonymous website there's no way for you to actually prove that anybody here is a nurse. And when you are supposed to interview A nurse, usually the instructor intense for you to find a real nurse and interview her in person face-to-face.

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Welcome to

This is the forum for Students to ask for interviews, assistance with homework, etc. You are in the right place.

If your Instructor has told you that internet "interviews" are acceptable, good, but if you are unsure, check with him/her. Others will come along and help you.

Hope you enjoy the site.

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As Sailornurse stated on here there is no way to verify you are talking a CNA, LPN, RN, NP or nursing student. Or someone who has nothing to do with nursing.