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I have an interview for a position in the ED on Friday morning. It has been a long time since I have interviewed. Anyone have any thoughts as to what questions she may ask me (so I can prepare in advance)? Also, any thoughts as to what questions I should ask of her in regards to working in the ED? Thanks!:confused:


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this could be a long reply! she may ask you how you feel in an unexpected urgent situation. how you would summarize yourself as a nurse and your critical thinking skills.

ask her about the patient census and volume, what the expectations are? (as far as certs and other areas). managers are big on being "team players!" no this is mine and thats yours garbage. they will ask how you get along with others in general, and while stressed out. look up behavioral based interviewing.....that is the trend, and will be the answer. :)

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Hi BlueBear:) As someone who has spent alot of time interviewing lately, I can tell you this: Be prepared to hear " what do you do when you are stressed out? How do you handle conflict with a coworker? What are your 3 strengths & weaknesses? What do you like least/most about nursing? Why did you want to be a nurse?" And of course, the biggie, "3 adjectives that you & your coworkers would use to describe you"

Good luck :)

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