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I have an interview monday for my first RN job. I am trying to figure out what type of clothes to wear. I have a tan linen suit I can wear but it is really hot here in Iowa right now and I get hot (sweaty) very easily. They told me to expect the interview to last 3 hours. I also have a nice pair of slacks and shirt I could wear is this appropriate? I keep reading business casual.. or suits. I just am unclear what business casual is. They suggest going down and scoping out the people in the HR office to see what they wear and dress accordingly but I don't have time to do that. Anyone out there have any suggestions for me?

The inteview is with Mercy hospital in Des Moines for anyone who is familiar with this hospital.



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I took a resume writing class in which also they give you tips on formal wear so I can share some of those with you.

They recommed a suit with solid earth colors (avoid patterns and bright tropical colors)

Simple jewelery (earrings no larger than the size of a nickel, a few rings and necklace

Make-up should be business like and toned down

Perfume should be used in moderation

Hair should be neat and well combed

No chewing gum, and if you are a smoker try not to smoke before the interview

Since you mentioned it is hot, you might be able to wear the slacks with a thin blouse or even sleevless tank (solid colored) and a suit jacket on top.

Again, you can modify it to best suit you and your wardrobe but also remember the interview is not going to take you all you might be able to put up with the heat for that very short period of time and once it's over change into something else.

Best of luck to you on your interview. :)

P.S When I worked as an Administrative Assistant, the boss would usually comment about the attire after the person left. If they did not look appropriate or toned down, she would not even consider them (I know it is terrible) but "just in case" it never hurts to look the best you can for the first impression moment. I am aware that it is a nursing job, but I believe the rule still may apply. Again good luck to you:p

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I agree with Jessica. I live in Illinois and its been unbearably hot here too!

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I wore a black pin stripe pant suite to my interview. My blouse matches the pinstripes in the suite. I also bought new black shoes. I wore simple earings and a simple gold chain. If it's hot, try to find a light color suit. I a light colored suite with white shoes would be professional looking. One of my nursing school's former teachers is the Director of Nursing at a hospital. i have heard her make comments about what someone who she interviewed was wearing.

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