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Interservice Transfer Army to Navy

by JJVV JJVV (New) New

Hey everyone, long time lurker of these forums.

Currently a 66S (Critical Care Nurse) in the Active Army. It's always been a dream of mine to be a part of the Navy Nurse Corps. I am eligible to get out of the Army December 2020.

Does anyone have any experience or have heard of / know anyone that has done an interservice transfer? I am looking into the Navy Nurse Corps as its always been am ambition of mine…

I haven’t talked to HRC or my chain of command as this is just a thought currently and would like insight. My fiancé as well as a few of my friends are Navy Nurses so I see how her day to day life is. No one I’ve talked to in person seems to know what the process is like.

I’ve read up on the regs

AR 614-120



DoD Instruction 1300.04

Seems straightforward but is it really? A lot of factors to consider. Not only the Army's willingness to let me go but the Navy wanting me as well.

jfratian, MSN, RN

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You can probably get in, but you need to understand that you will probably lose rank. I looked into this for myself, and you at minimum lose all time in grade. I'm assuming you're an O-3 at this point. You would start off as an O-3 with zero years of time in grade towards O-4.

It is certainly not easy. You essentially apply for a new commission...and undergo most of the processes therein...in the desired branch and apply to conditionally separate from your current one.

Jeckrn1, ADN, BSN

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You will need to contact a healthcare recruiter.