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I will be starting an internship on an ortho unit on Wednesday and was wondering what advice you all could give me. I will be working with my preceptor for 10 weeks. Is there anything you would suggest that I work on? I am really looking to get more experience with assessments and IV's. I also have 5 observation experiences...OR, ER, Cath Lab, Onco clinic, PICC Line Service. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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No advice here, but maybe you could check with the ortho nurses on the orthopedic nursing thread? They might give you some good advice!

Good luck-hope it goes well,



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I work as a float PCT and have been on the Ortho unit in my hospital several times. I know learning the nursing part is important, but if you don't have a lot of aide experience, I would suggest learn great body mechanics and use them!!! Ortho is a "heavy" floor, protect your back. Always ask for help if there is the slightest inkling you need it.



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Enjoy it... I work as a PCA on an Ortho floor, have been there for over a year.. Lori is right, you do need to learn proper body mechanics for sure... I can't tell you how many times I have a lil ole lady who had a total hip want me to lift her out of bed myself... I tell them no, they must help, and when they say why can't I do it.. I explain that I am not willing to throw my back out and then they are like, oh I don't want you to hurt yourself..

I'm sure you have had your Ortho rotation in school, so you should know how Total Knees should move and shouldn't move and hips.. If not make sure you have the nurse with you the first several times.. Don't want to upset a surgeon by popping a hip or knee back out.. :)hehe

Have FUN :)

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