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hello fellow filipino nurses. i was looking for a staffing agency that has a client in new york and i found this INTERNATIONAL STAFFING REGISTRY, INC. I would just like to ask if anyone around here has signed up with this recruitment agency? i can't decide if i'll take chances for this one as i have no idea regarding their credibility. so if anyone here happens to be a client of this particular agency, please, i need your story...i need to hear something from you with regards to their services and everything whether it was a succes or a failure one..thank you...


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by the way..if its not possible to discuss your story here please do send me a private message..i really need your help....

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Please be aware that unless you've already done a lot of the preparation work for immigration to the US, even a very reputable and highly-esteemed agency won't be able to get you into the country for many years.

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well, i completed all the foreign exams including initial visa screen from CGFNS..all i need now is a trustworthy agency or staffing facility to take care of my if anyone around here happens to signed up with this agency please let me know your story....tnx

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You do not need an agency to take care of paperwork, you can go direct to hospitals. Either way with recession and retrogression look at it as a challenge and be prepared for hard work and delays


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thanks guys for ally our replies..but i'm not even sure if applying directly is the right thing to do. because the POEA has made it clear that for all filipinos who wants to work overseas should have their legal paper works handled by POEA registered agency...beside, right now all i want to know if the agency i posted above is worth if anyone here ("AGAIN I'LL REPEAT") has signed up for this agency please let me know the outcome...


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i cannot help you with that agency, only to say I find several things a bit worrying. First they don't have a client in NY, it's a whole family company, and most of it are nursing homes. (united care)

They want you to sign up for 3 years, what is long compared to other agencies/sponsors.

And they offer kinda nothing except for free housing, their webside is not informative, and why send the whole application straight away, I would like to know more.

But that's just my impression. I'm not a filipino, but I contacted several agencies and compared to them, this one doesn't impress me.

And do they garantee NY? Since they are also active in New Jersey.



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Thanks 5cats..i really would not mind if the information you are sharing would cause me to worry. that is what i really need instead. i really wanted to know more about this agency, as what you have mentioned their website is far from impressive. i am actually looking for an agency with a client in NY.

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